13 Minutes 2021
Title: 13 Minutes
Release year: 2021

Four families in a Heartland town are tested in a single day when a tornado hits, forcing paths to cross and redefining the meaning of survival.

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Director: Lindsay Gossling
Actor: Addison Metcalf,Allyson Cristofaro,Amy Smart,Anne Heche,April Warren,Ashtyn Barlow Nguyen,Barbara Sandlin,Brenda Williams,Charles Walker,Darryl Cox,Dathan Smith,Davi Santos,David C Tam,Destiny Washington,Dom Laguan,Doug Van Liew,Eric Starkey,Erin Herring,Ernie Robinson,Gabriel Jarret,Garrett O'Brien,Ginger Gilmartin,Ginifer Ree,Greg Williams,Hossein Rahmani Manesh,James Austin Kerr,Jimmy Waitman,Justin Hanshaw,Kenda Henthorn,Kenny Harragarra,Kenny Pitts,Kyle Jacob Henry,Laura Spencer,Leesa Neidel,Lena Harmon,Linda Kash,Lisandro Boccacci,Lonnie McQuarters,Lulu Goodfox,Madison Green,Mary C. Bruce,Melissa Sellers-Durham,Michelle Sander,Nancy Hutchinson,Naomi Duarte,Nick Swezey,OvaJean Siemens,Paz Vega,Peter Facinelli,Rita Scranton,Sammy Cue,Scott Lancaster,Shaylee Mansfield,Shelli McCollister-Fox,Sidney Flack,Sofia Vassilieva,Stephanie Zongker,Terry McGurrin,Thora Birch,Tiffaney Vickrey,Tokala Black Elk,Trace Adkins,Will Peltz,Yancey Arias