Belfast 2021
Title: Belfast
Release year: 2021

A young boy and his working-class Belfast family experience the tumultuous late 1960s.

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1960s, 3 months later, 9 year old boy, a civil conflict, an ulster fry, armoured truck, bacon and eggs, baptist, barricaded street, battle, belfast northern ireland, bell tolling, bigotry, bookmaker, brick as weapon, british army, british occupation, british politics, car bomb, carpenter, catholic, catholic church, chaos, child protagonist, child's point of view, childhood sweethearts, children playing, christmas carols, christmas show, city in title, city name as title, city name in title, civilian death, classroom, coal miner, collecting money, color element in black and white scene, coming of age drama, community spirit, considering emigration, dancing, danny boy the song, death of grandfather, deep in debt, destruction of property, domestic drama, escaping the city, everlasting love, exploding car, family relationships, family values, fork in the road, funeral viewing, graveside service, guinness beer, insular, intolerance, ira irish republican army, ireland, irish politics, irish protestant, irish republican army, laundry detergent, little boy, looting, looting a supermarket, loyalist paramilitaries, math class, milk bottle, movie theater, narrow mindedness, no opening credits, northern ireland, one word title, period drama, place name in title, political drama, political emigration, primary school, protest, provincial, reference to ginger rogers, reference to raquel welch, reference to the lone ranger, reference to thor, reflection in a pair of glasses, reflection in eyeglasses, religious division, religious persecution, rent man, riot, robbery, romantic drama, rubber bullet, sausage, school science project, sectarianism, semi autobiographical, singing, social decay, streaky bacon, street gang, street violence, supermarket, sweet shop, taken hostage, tax debt, tax man, tear gas, the troubles, theft, toy gun, trash can lid, turkish delight, violence, watching tv, working class family, writer producer director, written by director, year 1969, year 1970, young male protagonist
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Director: Kenneth Branagh
Actor: Amy Lee Ronaldson,Barnaby Chambers,Bill Branagh,Caitríona Balfe,Caolan McCarthy,Charlie Barnard,Charlie Fiske,Chris McCurry,Ciarán Hinds,Claire Ashton,Colin Morgan,Conor MacNeill,Drew Dillon,Elly Condron,Estelle Cousins,Frankie Hastings,Freya Yates,Gerard Horan,Harold Wilson,Helen Coathup,Ian Dunnett Jnr,Jamie Dornan,Jimmy O'Dee,John Sessions,Josie Walker,Joyce Branagh,Jude Hill,Judi Dench,Kevin Vose,Kit Rakusen,Lara McDonnell,Leonard Buckley,Lewis McAskie,Máiréad Tyers,Mamie Barry,Mark Hadfield,Matthew Blaney,Michael Maloney,Nessa Eriksson,Olive Tennant,Oliver Savell,Olivia Flanagan,Orla McDonagh,Rachel Feeney,Robin Day,Ross O'Donnellan,Samuel Menhinick,Scarlett Nunes,Scott Gutteridge,Serrana Su-Ling Bliss,Sid Sagar,Sidney Warbrick,Stanley Warbrick,Thea Achillea,Thomas Grubb,Tom Neill,Turlough Convery,Vanessa Ifediora,Victor Alli,Zak Holland