Black Widow 2021
Title: Black Widow
Release year: 2021
Country: United States

Natasha Romanoff confronts the darker parts of her ledger when a dangerous conspiracy with ties to her past arises.

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Director: Cate Shortland
Actor: Adam Prickett,Ahmed Bakare,Andrew Byron,Andrew Tull,Aria Brooks,Aubrey Cleland,Aurélia Agel,C.C. Smiff,Caister Choi,Cali Nelle,Chad J. Wagner,Chadwick Boseman,Claudia Heinz,Clem So,Dale Liner,Daniel Joseph Woolf,Danielle Jalade,David Harbour,David Turner,Dawid Szatarski,Doug Robson,Ed Ashe,Edward L. Oliver,Eniko Fulop,Erin Jameson,Eugene Lin,Ever Anderson,Fatou Bah,Fiona Griffiths,Florence Pugh,Gavin Lee Lewis,Geoffrey D. Williams,Georgia Curtis,Graham Kitchen,Iain Tingley,Ian Wilson,Ione Butler,Jacinte Blankenship,Jade Ma,Jade Xu,Jaey Howe,James Cox,James Snelling,Jason Christopher,Joakim Skarli,Jordyn Curet,Jorge Leon,Jose Miguel Vasquez,Josh Henry,Judit Varga-Szathmary,Julia Louis-Dreyfus,Kalina Vanska,Kenny-Lee Mbanefo,Kurt Yue,Lauren Okadigbo,Lewis Young,Liani Samuel,Liran Nathan,Lucy Cork,Lucy Jayne Murray,Luigi Boccanfuso,Luke Elkins,Madeleine Nicholls,Marcel Dorian,Marian Lorencik,Martin Razpopov,Michelle Lee,Nanna Blondell,Nina Novich,Noel Krisztian Kozak,Obie Matthew,Olga Kurylenko,Oliver Simms,Olivier Richters,Omar Alboukharey,O-T Fagbenle,Paul O'Kelly,Rachel Weisz,Ray Winstone,Rob Horrocks,Robert Pralgo,Roman Green,Ryan Kiera Armstrong,Scarlett Johansson,Shaina West,Shane Askam,Shawarah Battles,Simona Zivkovska,Sophie Colgrove,Stephen McGowan,Stephen Samson,Svetlana Constantine,Tabby Bond,Tom Hiddleston,Tony McCarthy,Ty Hurley,Tyrone Kearns,Valentina Herrera,Violet McGraw,William Hurt,Wong Charlie,Yasmin Riley,Yolanda Lynes,Yuuki Luna,Zhane Samuels,Zoltan Nagy,Zoltan Rencsar