Carnal Campus 1978
Title: Carnal Campus
Original title: Schulmädchen-Report 12. Teil - Wenn das die Mammi wüßte
Release year: 1978
Country: West Germany

The framework action is this time the editorial meeting of a school newspaper. In five episodes, the film describes how school-age young women in search for (physical) love in precarious situations.

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Director: Walter Boos
Actor: Claus Tinney,Elisabeth Welz,Eva Berthold,Ginny Noack,Gudrun Grau,Helena Rosenkranz,Johanna Ebertseder,Karin Kernke,Margitta Hofer,Marianne Dupont,Michel Jacot,Roswitha Krey,Sascha Atzenbeck,Stefan Wiesehöfer,Sylvia Engelmann,Ulrich Beiger,Willy Adler,Wolf Harnisch,Wolfgang Jung