Citizen Kane 1941
Title: Citizen Kane
Release year: 1941
Country: United States
Genre: Drama, Mystery

Following the death of publishing tycoon Charles Foster Kane, reporters scramble to uncover the meaning of his final utterance: ‘Rosebud.’

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Rated 4 out of 5
4 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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General information

Rated 4 out of 5

“Citizen Kane” is a critically acclaimed movie released in 1941, directed by Orson Welles, who also co-wrote and starred in the film. The movie tells the story of Charles Foster Kane, a wealthy newspaper tycoon who becomes increasingly isolated and unhappy as he rises to power and fame.

The film is widely regarded as a masterpiece of American cinema and is often cited as one of the greatest films ever made. It is known for its innovative narrative structure, use of deep focus cinematography, and powerful performances by its cast, including Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, and Dorothy Comingore.

Despite its critical acclaim, “Citizen Kane” was not a commercial success upon its initial release, and it took several years for the film to gain the recognition it deserved. However, it has since become a landmark in the history of cinema and has had a significant impact on the art of filmmaking.

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Director: Orson Welles
Actor: Adam Linke,Agnes Moorehead,Al Eben,Al Frazier,Alan Ladd,Alexander Julian,Alton Redd,Alva Baudena,Art Dupuis,Arthur Kay,Arthur O'Connell,Arthur Yeoman,Baudelio Alva,Benny Rubin,Bert LeBaron,Bert Moorhouse,Bert Stevens,Bess Flowers,Bill Wilkens,Bob Gladman,Bob Terry,Brandon Beach,Brent Shugar,Bruce Sidney,Bryan 'Slim' Hightower,Buck Mack,Bud Geary,Buddy Messinger,Buddy Swan,Captain Garcia,Carl Deloro,Carl Ekberg,Carl Faulkner,Carmen Laroux,CeePee Johnson,Charles Bennett,Charles Cross,Charles Meakin,Charles West,Clayton Jones,Cliff Herd,Clyde McAtee,Coy Danz,Cyril Ring,Danny Borzage,David Ledner,Demetrius Alexis,Dick Scott,Dimas Sutteno,Don Ackerman,Don Roberts,Dona Dax,Dorothy Cleveland,Dorothy Comingore,E. Kerry,E.G. Miller,Ed Dahlen,Eddie Coke,Eddie Dew,Edith Evanson,Edmund Cobb,Edna Mae Jones,Edward L. Hemmer,Edward Peil Jr.,Edward Ryan,Ellen Lowe,Ernest Grooney,Ernie Daniels,Erskine Sanford,Evelyn Mackert,Everett Sloane,Field Norton,Fortunio Bonanova,Frances Deets,Frances E. Neal,Francis Sayles,Frank Haney,Frank McLure,Frank O'Connor,Fred Trowbridge,Gayle DeCamp,Gene Chervow,Gene Coogan,George Coulouris,George DeNormand,George Noisom,George Rogers,George Sherwood,George Sperry,George W. Jimenez,Georgia Backus,Gerald Pierce,Gino Corrado,Glen Turnbull,Gloria Gale,Gohr Van Vleck,Gregg Toland,Gus Schilling,Guy Gada,Guy Repp,Guy Smith,Harlan Hoagland,Harry A. Bailey,Harry Burkhardt,Harry Harris,Harry J. Vejar,Harry Jones,Harry Shannon,Henry Hebert,Herbert Corthell,Hercules Mendez,Herman J. Mankiewicz,Irene Crosby,Irving Mitchell,Ivy Keene,J.D. Lockhart,J.J. Clark,J.R. Ralston,Jack Curtis,Jack Egan,Jack Floyd,Jack Gargan,Jack Gwynne,Jack Itay,Jack Jahries,Jack Manolas,Jack Morton,Jack Raymond,Jack Robbins,Jack Ryan,Jack Santoro,Jack Taylor,James Brought,James T. Mack,Jan Wiley,Jean Forward,Jerry Gordon,Jesse Graves,Jim Merritt,Jimmy Grant,Joan Blair,Joe Manz,John Alban,John Dilson,John Huettner,John McCormack,John Northpole,Johnny Eckert,Jolane Reynolds,Joseph Cotten,Joseph North,Juanita Fields,Karl Thomas,Kathryn Trosper,Ken Weaver,Landers Stevens,Larry Wheat,Larry Williams,Laura Knight,Leda Nicova,Lee McCluskey,Lew Harvey,Lillian Nicholson,Lillian O'Malley,Loretta Agar,Loretta Marsh,Lou Duello,Louis Natheaux,Louis Young,Louise Currie,Louise Franklin,Ludwig Lowry,Major McBride,Margaret Davis,Marie Day,Mary Lorraine,Maurice Costello,Michael Audley,Mickey Martin,Mike Lally,Milton Kibbee,Mitchell Ingraham,Monty Ford,Morgan Brown,Myrtle Rishell,Nat 'King' Cole,Norman Taylor,Olin Francis,Orson Welles,Paddy O'Flynn,Patrick Whitney,Paul Stewart,Pauline Easterday,Perc Launders,Peter Allen,Peter Gowland,Petra R. de Silva,Philip Morris,Philip Van Zandt,Porter Chase,Ralph Stein,Ray Collins,Ray Flynn,Renee Godfrey,Richard Barr,Richard Elmore,Richard Wilson,Robert B. Tobin,Robert Brent,Robert Dudley,Robert Haines,Robert Lawson,Robert Samven,Roland Winters,Roy Smith,Rudy Germane,Russ Powell,Ruth Seeley,Ruth Warrick,Sally Corner,Sam Ash,Sam Harris,Sam Rice,Sam Steele,Shimen Ruskin,Sonny Bupp,Suzanne Dulier,Suzanne Ridgway,T. Lockwood Arbright,Teddy Mangean,Terrance Ray,Thomas A. Curran,Thomas Pogue,Tim Davis,Tim Wallace,Tom Coleman,Tom Steele,Tudor Williams,Vera Winters,Verne Richards,Victor Romito,Vince Speaker,Vivian Wilson,Walter Bacon,Walter James,Walter Lawrence,Walter Sande,William A. Boardway,William Alland,William Alston,William Calkins,William H. O'Brien,William Kane,William Reed