Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 2022
Title: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
Release year: 2022
Country: United States

Doctor Strange teams up with a mysterious teenage girl from his dreams who can travel across multiverses, to battle multiple threats, including other-universe versions of himself, which threaten to wipe out millions across the multiverse. They seek help from Wanda the Scarlet Witch, Wong and others.

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Director: Sam Raimi
Actor: Adam Hugill,Ako Mitchell,Alan Leong,Alice Chen,Aliyah Camacho,André Layne,Andrew Goodman,Andrew Morgado,Andy Bale,Anson Mount,Anthony Knight,Audrey Wasilewski,Axel Nu,Begoña Fernández Martín,Benedict Cumberbatch,Benedict Wong,Bobbie Little,Bridget Hoffman,Bruce Campbell,Cecilia Appiah,Charlie Norton,Charlie Rich,Charlize Theron,Chess Lopez,Chiwetel Ejiofor,Christian Rummel,Clem So,Clément Osty,Dan Burns,Daniel Swain,David Cheung,David K.S. Tse,David Olawale Ayinde,Domenico Caccamo,Eden Nathenson,Elizabeth Olsen,Ella Bardot,Gabriella Cooper-Parsons,Gregory Fung,Haruka Ohshima,Hasit Savani,Hayley Atwell,Hung Dante Dong,Ivy Rose Lynn,James Cox,Jason Ludwig,Jessica Pennington,Jessica Zhou,Jett Klyne,John Krasinski,Jordan Alexandra,Joshmaine Joseph,Joshua Neil,Julian Hilliard,Keenan Moore,Ken Heang,Kevin Dalton,Laetitia Melo,Lashana Lynch,Mara Natuzzi,Marian Lorencik,Mark Edwards,Mark Lockhart,Michael Stuhlbarg,Michael Waldron,Momo Yeung,Neil Chapelhow,Nina Jalava,Nuakai Aru,Orphee Sidibe,Patrick Stewart,Paul Bettany,Rachel McAdams,Richie Palmer,Ross Marquand,Ruth Livier,Ryan L. Coleman,Sandra Chaffey,Sanj Surati,Scott Spiegel,Shane Senior,Sheila Atim,Sherise Blackman,Sina Ali,Soo Cole,Stephen Samson,Tony McCarthy,Topo Wresniwiro,Tyrone Love,Victoria Grove,Victoria Sterling,Vinny Moli,Will Rowlands,Xochitl Gomez,Yasmin Chadwick,Yenifer Molina