El Don 2006
Title: El Don
Release year: 2006
Country: Venezuela

From absolute poverty to absolute power! “El Don” is the saga of a common man with uncommonly fierce ambition who rises to rule an empire of unspeakable evil only to discover that the love he thought he had forgotten still rules what is left of his heart.

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Director: Joseph Novoa
Actor: Alexander Barrios,Ana María Simón,Andreína Blanco,Anibal Grunn,Armando Gota,Beatriz Vázquez,Carlos Arraiz,Cristel Duplat,Dad Dager,Edgar Ramírez,Guillermo Suarez,Jesus Cervo,Jesus Garcia,Jose Luis Montero,Jose Santaella,Juan David Restrepo,Julio Rodriguez,Laureano Olivarez,Maria Escalona,Mariana Carlés,Mary Carmen Pedraza,Miguel E. Lucero,Osiris Manrique,Tinedo Guia,Wendy Bermejo,William Cuao