Fear Street: Part One - 1994 2021
Title: Fear Street: Part One - 1994
Original title: Fear Street: 1994
Release year: 2021
Country: United States

A circle of teenage friends accidentally encounter the ancient evil responsible for a series of brutal murders that have plagued their town for over 300 years. Welcome to Shadyside.

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Director: Leigh Janiak
Actor: Alex Huff,Alexis Lord,Ashley Zukerman,Benjamin Flores Jr.,Bethany Dixon,Charlene Amoia,Christian Bridges,Christina,Danyon Huntington,Darrell Britt-Gibson,David W. Thompson,Diane Sellers,Elizabeth Scopel,Emily Brobst,Emily Rudd,Eric Mendenhall,Fred Hechinger,Gillian Jacobs,Guillermo,Jaime Matthis,Jana Allen,Jeremy Ford,Jordan Wilson,Jordana Spiro,Jordyn DiNatale,Julia Rehwald,Kathryn Lim,Keil Oakley Zepernick,Kevin Waterman,Kiana Madeira,Lacy Camp,Leslie Sides,Lloyd Pitts,Mary Blake Grant,Matt Burke,Matt Markopoulos,Matthew Zuk,Maya Hawke,Maya Rogers,McCabe Slye,Meghan Packer,Michael Chandler,Natalie Maguire,Nathan W. Collins,Noah Bain Garret,Olivia Scott Welch,Paul,Robert Bryan Davis,Ryan Simpkins,Sadie Sink,Tayla Rogers,Todd Allen Durkin