For My Daughter's Honor 1996
Title: For My Daughter's Honor
Release year: 1996
Country: United States
Genre: Drama

In Tate, Oklahoma a popular coach, Pete Nash, is accused of having a sexual relation with 14 years old Amy, one of his school’s pupils.

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Rated 3 out of 5
3 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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General information

Rated 3 out of 5

“For My Daughter’s Honor” is a made-for-television movie that was released in 1996. The movie deals with the controversial issue of rape and the impact it has on the victim and her family. The film’s cast includes such talented actors as Gary Cole, Nicholle Tom, and Mac Davis.

The story revolves around Nicholle Tom’s character, Stacy, who is a college freshman and a talented volleyball player. One night, after a party, she is raped by one of her classmates. The movie then explores the emotional aftermath of the assault, as Stacy struggles to come to terms with what happened to her.

Gary Cole plays Stacy’s father, who is a lawyer and a former Marine. He is devastated by the attack on his daughter and is determined to see justice done. Mac Davis plays a detective who is investigating the case and who becomes an ally to the family.

Overall, “For My Daughter’s Honor” is a powerful and emotionally charged movie that deals with a difficult subject matter. The movie does an excellent job of exploring the impact of rape on both the victim and her family. The performances by the cast are all excellent, with Nicholle Tom delivering a particularly powerful performance as Stacy.

The film does not shy away from the dark and disturbing nature of the crime, and it may not be suitable for all audiences. However, for those who are able to handle the subject matter, “For My Daughter’s Honor” is a well-made and thought-provoking movie that is definitely worth watching.

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Director: Alan Metzger
Actor: Abraham Alvarez,Alyson Hannigan,Charles Lucia,Cliff Bemis,Damara Reilly,Danny Rimmer,Deirdre O'Connell,Gary Cole,Henry Sharpe,Jane Leigh Connelly,John H. Evans,Jordan Reed,Josh Nance,Ken Magee,Leanne Harris,Mac Davis,Maggie Fleming,Mark Nutter,Mary Kay Place,Milt Tarver,Nicholle Tom,Pamela Clay,Ron Melendez,Sara Rue,Sean Murray,Sheeri Rappaport,Steve Rankin,Teddi Siddall,Tiffany Rudolph,Tom Virtue,W.K. Stratton,Zachary Lee