Free Guy 2021
Title: Free Guy
Release year: 2021

A bank teller discovers that he’s actually an NPC inside a brutal, open world video game.

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Director: Shawn Levy
Actor: Aaron W Reed,Adrian M. Mompoint,Al Saif Alshad,Alex Trebek,Anabel Graetz,Anastasia Tsikhanava,Anthony Jon,Austin Simone,Ben Bunnag,Bob Gilliam,Brandon Scales,Brett Girard,Brett Schneider,Briana Mitchell,Britne Oldford,C.G. Alexander,Camille Kostek,Cassidy Neal,Channing Tatum,Charlie Lehmer,Charlotte Levy,Chela Morin,Cheryl Burchfield,Chris Evans,Christian Cibotti,Colette Levy,Colin Allen,Daniel Middleton,David Arthur Sousa,Deanna Buonomo,Dennis Grajeda,Derek Mellor,Destiny Claymore,Domenic Arduino,Dwayne Johnson,EJ Neri,Elaine Victoria Grey,Elainy Mata,Ella Faria,Emma Jonnz,Ethan Rodgers,Eugene Nomura,Euri Nomura,Francisco Marquez,Gabrielle Lorthe,Heidi Garrow,Hugh Jackman,Ian Wallace,Imane 'Pokimane' Anys,Isabelle Jeanne Cotney,Jack McLaglen,Janelle Feigley,Jeannine Reardon,Jeff Avigian,Jeff Bouffard,JJ Wright,Jodie Comer,Joe Keery,Joey Courteau,John Krasinski,Jonathan De Azevedo,Jonathan Neves,Jordan Sartor-Francis,Jose Guns Alves,Joseph Oliveira,Joshua Brown,Justin Johnston,Kailey Sumner,Kaitlyn Webster,Kelly Pokrywka,Kenneth Israel,Kimberly Howe,Lannan Eacott,Lara Spencer,Laurie Kwiatkowski,Leah Procito,Leon Scherwitz,Levon Panek,Liam Campos,Lil Rel Howery,Lily Steven,Lin Hult,Lizzie Havoc,Madison Wilson,Mariama Condé,Marisa DeFranco,Mark Lainer,Martin Lee,Matthew Hayes,Matty Cardarople,Meg Fox,Michael Balzano III,Michael Malvesti,Michael Marchand,Michael Tow,Mike Devine,Minh-Anh Day,Naheem Garcia,Nate Killian,Nathan Porter,Nelson Aquino,Nikki Kim,Octavia Chavez-Richmond,Olivia Z Cote,Omar Moustafa Ghonim,Owen Burke,Patrick Keeffe,Patrick Vincent Curran,Piper Acord,Raj Jawa,Ralph Ayala,Regina Taufen,Ric Plamenco,Rodrigo Santos,Rosario Corso,Russell J. Gannon,Ryan Doyle,Ryan Reynolds,Seán McLoughlin,Shannon Hartman,Sophie Levy,Spyro Curtis,Stephanie Vachon,Sunheng Tain,Taika Waititi,Tait Fletcher,Terri Schwartz,Timothy Smith,Tina Fey,Tyler Blevins,Utkarsh Ambudkar,Vanessa Zamarripa,Vernon Scott