Glue Sniffer 1999
Title: Glue Sniffer
Release year: 1999
Country: Spain, Venezuela
Genre: Drama

Oliver, an 11-year-old boy thrown out of his home by his abusive stepfather, joins a gang of street children and is exposed to narcotics, violence and sexual predators, and the world of crime seems to be the only road available.

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Director: Elia K. Schneider
Actor: Adolfo Cubas,Alfredo Medina,Edinson Abreu,Elaiza Gil,Francisco Alfaro,Gladiuska Acosta,Jenny Noguera,Joel Novoa,José Gregorio Rivas,Juan Carlos Reyes,Juan T. Angulo,Laura Muñoz,Laureano Olivarez,Lucio Bueno,Luis Campos Pelón,Luis Jaspe,Marielena Pereira,Néstor Terán,Pedro Lander,Ramon Paiva,Richard González,Tatiana Padrón