Godzilla 2014
Title: Godzilla
Release year: 2014

The world is beset by the appearance of monstrous creatures, but one of them may be the only one who can save humanity.

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Rated 3 out of 5
3 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good0%

General information

Rated 3 out of 5

“Godzilla” is a 2014 science-fiction monster film directed by Gareth Edwards, and it is a reboot of the iconic Godzilla franchise. The movie features an impressive cast, including Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Elizabeth Olsen.

The plot of the movie revolves around the appearance of massive creatures known as “MUTOs” that threaten the existence of humanity. The legendary monster, Godzilla, emerges to stop the MUTOs and restore balance to the planet.

Visually, the film is stunning. The special effects are top-notch, and the fight scenes between Godzilla and the MUTOs are epic and thrilling. The sound design and music are also excellent and add to the overall intensity of the movie.

However, while the film is visually impressive, the plot feels somewhat lacking. The characters are not particularly well-developed, and the pacing of the movie can feel slow at times. The focus is more on the spectacle of the monsters than on character development or storytelling.

Overall, “Godzilla” is a visually stunning movie with thrilling action scenes, but it falls short in terms of character development and storytelling. Fans of the monster genre and the Godzilla franchise will likely enjoy it, but it may not be as satisfying for those looking for a deeper cinematic experience.

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Director: Gareth Edwards
Actor: Aaron Ikeda,Aaron Pearl,Aaron Roderick,Aaron Taylor-Johnson,Abe Pagtama,Akira Takarada,Al Sapienza,Allan Steffensen,Amy Fox,Andrea Elizabeth Sikkink,Andrew Enriquez,Andrew Richard Anderson,Anthony Konechny,Antonio Anagaran,Ava Dewhurst,Ben Harrison,Bill Blair,Bill Marchant,Bob Pepper,Brian Markinson,Bryan Cranston,Carson Bolde,Catherine Lough Haggquist,Chadwick Shimomura,Charles Edward Bae,Chris Shields,Christian Tessier,Christopher A. Brooks Sr.,Chuck Church,CJ Adams,Corey Martin Craig,Curtis Bush,Dalias Blake,Dan Zachary,Daniel Thomas,Darren Dolynski,David James Sikkink,David Ross Paterson,David Santana,David Strathairn,Dean Redman,Dee Jay Jackson,Derrick Yamanaka,Dona Wood,Donnell Jewell Williams,Ed Belanger,Ed Heavey,Eli Goree,Elizabeth Olsen,Emmanuel Dejesus,Eric Breker,Eric Keenleyside,Erik Aadahl,Erika Forest,Evan Lee,Gardiner Millar,Garry Chalk,George Allen Gumapac Jr.,Godzilla,Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey,Heidi Ellyn,Hiro Kanagawa,Hiroyoshi Kajiyama,Hrvoje Klecz,Ian Gregson,Jaiden Vu,Jake Cunanan,James D. Dever,James Edward Flynn,James Kot,James Pizzinato,James Yoshizawa,Jamon Holmes,Jared Keeso,Jason Furukawa,Jason Rawcliffe,Jason Riki Kosuge,Jayden Linkletter,Jerald M.S. Pang,Jeric Ross,Jesse Reid,Jill Teed,Jodie Yee,John O'Brien,Jolyon Yates,Jonathan Pal,Joseph E. Agudo,Josh Cowdery,Josh James Chappell,Jovanny Venegas,Julian Figueroa,Juliette Binoche,Justin Blayne Lowery,Kasey Ryne Mazak,Kellen Moriarty,Ken Watanabe,Ken Yamamura,Kenneth Carrella,Keo Woolford,Kevan Ohtsji,Kevin Oakley,Kevin O'Grady,Kristin Linkletter,Kurt Max Runte,Kyle Riefsnyder,Lane Edwards,Larry Wegger,Lee Vang,Leif Havdale,Leighton Hara,Lisa Dawn Tynes,Lise Krivatsy,Luc Roderique,Luke Burnyeat,Lynne Halevi,Marci T. House,Martin Kogan,Mas Morimoto,Matt Ortega,Matthew Hoglie,Max Clough,Melody B. Choi,Michael John Smith,Michael Love Toliver,Michael Patrick Denis,Michael Rowe,Miguel A. Baez Jr.,Mike Dopud,Nathan Corneau,Neal Radia,Neil McGregor,Nel Venzon,Norman Martinez,Oliver Drawson,P. Lynn Johnson,Patrick Sabongui,Paul Chirico,Paul Edney,Paul S.W. Lee,Peter Kawasaki,Peter Shinkoda,Primo Allon,Raj K. Bose,Randle H. Fox,Rich Paul,Richard Broad,Richard T. Jones,Robin Gutierrez,Ryan Finley,Sally Hawkins,Sandy Ritz,Serge M. Krivatsy,Shahid Byrd,Shahrokh Ferdowsi,Shane McBride,Shawn McBride,Shereen Balles,Starla Marie,Stephen Stanton,Steven M. Murdzia,Steven Wiig,Svitlana Campbell,T.J. Storm,Takeshi Kurokawa,Tamika Katon-Donegal,Tawni L. Duhamel,Taya Clyne,Taylor Nichols,Terry Chen,Tetsuro Shigematsu,Toby Levins,Todd Scott,Tom Holowach,Ty Olsson,Victor Rasuk,Warren Takeuchi,Yukari Komatsu,Yuki Morita,Yuko Kiyama,Zach Martin,Zachary Choe,Zoe Krivatsy