In the Mood 1987
Title: In the Mood
Release year: 1987
Country: United States
Genre: Comedy, Romance

A 14-year-old nicknamed the ‘Woo Woo Kid’, is a teenage casanova who has affairs and runs away to marry two older women, mothers themselves, fascinating the public and the media with his romantic prowess.

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Rated 3 out of 5
3 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good0%

General information

Rated 3 out of 5

In the Mood is a 1987 romantic comedy directed by Phil Alden Robinson and starring Patrick Dempsey, Beverly D’Angelo, and Kathleen Freeman. The film is set in the summer of 1944 and tells the story of a young man named Ellsworth “Sonny” Wisecarver (played by Dempsey) who becomes infamous for his affairs with older women.

The film is a charming and lighthearted comedy that captures the spirit of the 1940s. Patrick Dempsey delivers a strong performance as Sonny, capturing the character’s youthful energy and charisma. Beverly D’Angelo is also excellent as Julia, one of Sonny’s older conquests who becomes enamored with him.

The film is well-written and features plenty of witty dialogue and clever one-liners. The story is engaging and keeps the viewer interested throughout, and the film’s period setting is beautifully recreated.

Overall, In the Mood is an enjoyable and entertaining romantic comedy that is well worth watching. It’s a fun, light-hearted movie that captures the spirit of the 1940s, and features some strong performances from its talented cast. If you’re a fan of romantic comedies or period films, you won’t want to miss this one.

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Director: Phil Alden Robinson
Actor: Ana Helena Berenguer,Andrew Roperto,Barbara Wint,Bert Conway,Bess Meyer,Betty Jinnette,Beverly D'Angelo,Brian McNamara,Burr Middleton,Carl D. Parker,Carl Reiner,Charles C. Stevenson Jr.,Charlie Holliday,Cletus Young,Crane Jackson,Dana Short,Darwyn Swalve,Dave Thomas,David Schermerhorn,Douglas Rowe,Edith Fellows,Ellsworth 'Sonny' Wisecarver,Ernie Lively,Gillian Grant,Guy Christopher,Harvey J. Goldenberg,Heath Jones,Janet Rotblatt,Jared Chandler,Jay Varela,Jeffrey Alan Chandler,John Zarchen,Jordan Myers,Joshua Cadman,Joycee Katz,Kathleen Freeman,Kim Myers,Kitty Swink,Laura Bastianelli,Lee Garlington,Lenore Woodward,Lisanne Falk,Mae Williams,Marilyn Cohen,Max Perlich,Michael Bandoni,Michael Constantine,Mike Darrell,Nan Woods,Neal Jano,Neil Elliot,Niles Brewster,Nitche Vo Miller,Patrick Dempsey,Paul Keith,Peter Hobbs,Putter Smith,Randy Peters,Reynaldo Silva,Rick Salassi,Robert Gould,Rocky Giordani,Rocky Parker,S.A. Griffin,Sarah Partridge,Sheila Rogers,Steve Whittaker,Talia Balsam,Ted Noose,Terry Camilleri,Thomas Albert Clay,Thomas Ryan,Thomas W. Ashworth,Tom Bresnahan,Tom Maier,Tom Patten,Tom Tarpey,Tony Longo,Tony Monaco,Valerie Reynolds,W.T. Zacha,Walter G. Zeri,Wayne Grace