Jason Bourne 2016
Title: Jason Bourne
Release year: 2016

The CIA’s most dangerous former operative is drawn out of hiding to uncover more explosive truths about his past.

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Rated 3 out of 5
3 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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General information

Rated 3 out of 5

“Jason Bourne” is a 2016 action thriller film directed by Paul Greengrass and starring Matt Damon as the eponymous character, Jason Bourne. As the fifth installment in the Bourne film series, the movie follows Bourne as he resurfaces from hiding and becomes entangled in a web of government conspiracies.

The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Here are some key points commonly discussed in reviews:

Action and Thrills: “Jason Bourne” delivers intense action sequences and thrilling moments that are a trademark of the franchise. The hand-to-hand combat scenes and high-speed chases are well-executed and keep the audience engaged throughout the film.

Matt Damon’s Performance: Damon’s return as Jason Bourne was generally praised. His portrayal of the skilled and conflicted assassin is convincing, and he brings the right amount of intensity and vulnerability to the character.

Familiar Plot and Formula: One common criticism of the film is that it adheres too closely to the formula established in the previous Bourne movies. Some felt that the plot lacked originality and that the storylines were predictable.

Weak Supporting Characters: While Matt Damon’s performance was generally well-received, some critics felt that the supporting characters were underdeveloped. They argued that the film didn’t give enough screen time or depth to the supporting cast, which includes Alicia Vikander, Tommy Lee Jones, and Julia Stiles.

Technical Execution: The film received praise for its technical aspects, including the intense cinematography and the use of practical effects in the action sequences. The editing and pacing were also commended for maintaining a fast pace and keeping the tension high.

In summary, “Jason Bourne” offers the familiar blend of action and thrills that fans of the franchise have come to expect. While the film received mixed reviews, it still provides an entertaining experience, especially for those who enjoy the Bourne series.

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Director: Paul Greengrass
Actor: Aaron Egawa,Aaron Strong,Abigail Rich,Adam David Gregory,Addyson Medley,Adonis Simmons,Akie Kotabe,Albert Finney,Alex Martin,Alex Nerska,Alexander Cooper,Alexander Garganera,Alexander Yassin,Alicia Vikander,Allen Bracken,Alyx Nazir,Amy De Bhrún,Andie Ximenes,Andrew Dunkelberger,Andy Mihalache,Angel Contreras,Angelo Olivier,Anthony Molinari,Ashley Nicole Murray,Ateeq Choudhury,Ato Essandoh,Attila G. Kerekes,Ava Katharina Maria Hoeller,Avissh Trivedi,B.J. Parker,Barbara Edwards,Barrie Brown,Belen Rosenberg,Ben Stylianou,Benedikt Laumann,Bill Camp,Bobby Akers,Brad Hamerly,Brandon Chapmond,Brian Duda,Brian Robak,Brodi Nicholas,Bron James,Bryan Moore,Buck Childress,Carolyn-Corinne Shaw,Celina Nessa,Charles Jarman,Charles-Jean Boucher,Chris Wolfe,Christine de Lota,Clara Emanuel,Constance Consola,Damon Proctor,Daniel Eghan,Dave Goshorn,David Ae Levy,David Hershwitzky,David M Alonso,David Malcolm,David Sullivan,Dean Preston,Dexter Emery,Dino Fazzani,Dolly Jagdeo,Dominique Shaneen,Don Whatley,Duran Fulton Brown,Ector Joel Acosta,Elena Omerini,Elle van Knoll,Ellie Fox,Emeson Nwolie,Eric Coco,Eric Sparks,Erin C. Davis,Frank Lui Geo,Frank Roskowski,Garry Marriott,George Alvarezzo,Georgie-May Tearle,Gintare Beinoraviciute,Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro,Gladis Giada,Graham Curry,Graig Couton,Greg Benoit,Gregg Henry,Griffin Andrews,Guna Gultniece,Heiko k Effenberger,Hugo Alonzo,Hunter Cannistraci,Jack Waggon,Jahmilla Jackson,James Dormuth,Jamie Hodge,Jarrett Ricker,Jason Matthewson,Jason Novak,Jauhara Jivanji,Jay Vincent Diaz,Jeanette Hatlestad,Jeannine Comeau,Jem Kai Olsen,Jemarko Jones,Jeremy Angel,Jesse M. Cooper,Joan Riegert,Jody Deats,Joe Kennard,John Heartstone,Johnny Cicco,Joseph D Fisher,Joshua Neil,Juan Antonio Estévez,Julia Stiles,Julie Garcia-Briceno,KaiCarra,Kaleigh Saunders,Kamil Lemie,Kasper Jorgensen,Kaveh Khatiri,Kaya Yuzuki,Ken Holliday,Kevin Hager,Kevin Lye,Kirstin Marsh Bussey,Kornelia Horvath,Kyle James,Kyle Jerichow,Kyle Kesterson,LaFonda Whitehead,Lampros Kalfuntzos,Lana Ish-Muhametova,Lani Sarem,Larry Bowen,Larry W. Bowen,Lasco Atkins,Lati Gbaja,Lenisa Ann Careaga,Lisa Hunt,Lisa Nygard-Pugh,Lisamarie Cowan,Lizzie Phillips,Love Luciano,Luke Van Bergen,Mac Pietowski,Marat Khairoullin,Marc Benanti,Maria Marra,Marian Lorencik,Mark Justice,Mark Sawtelle,Marla Aaron Wapner,Martin Aleman,Martin Ballantyne,Martin Daniel Latham,Matt Blair,Matt Damon,Matt Lott,Matthew O'Neill,Michael Garvey,Michael Haydon,Michael Tushaus,Miguel Alves-Khan,Natasha Jenssen,Nathan Ferguson,Neal McNeil,Neil Alexander Smith,Neve Gachev,Nick Donald,Nicole Chauvet,Nunzio Santoro,Oliver Hollingdale,Paris Stangl,Paul A Munday,Paul Edney,Paul Lopez,Paul Terry,Philip Greene,Price Lindsey,Rachel Rigall,Raf Adame,Raul Limon,Ricardo Ewert,Richard Nunez,Richard Stanley,Riz Ahmed,Rob Marchitti,Robb Moon,Robert Stanton,Robert-Anthony Artlett,Robin Crouch,Roger Julian Cross,Ruth Clarson,Sandeep Mohan,Sarah Armstrong,Sarah Ospina,Sasha Larkin,Scott Shepherd,Sean Moon,Shane Griffin,Shane Williams,Shin-Fei Chen,Sonny Robertson,Stephen Kunken,Steven I. Dillard,Steven Krasner,Stuart Jeffrey Cram,Tim Baros,Timothy Skyler Dunigan,Tina Simmons,Tobias James-Samuels,Tom Bonello,Tommy Lee Jones,Tony Toste,Trevor White,Vassiliki Tzanakou,Vincent Cassel,Vin'Cenzo Burgess,Vinzenz Kiefer,Vivian Yoon Lee,Yolanda Johns,Yumiko Hanasaka,Yusuf Hofri,Zhaleh Vossough