Lawrence: After Arabia 2021
Title: Lawrence: After Arabia
Release year: 2021
Genre: Drama

Retiring to his cottage in Dorset Lawrence hopes to forget his past fighting in Arabia but soon he is drawn into political intrigue and his many enemies begin to plot against him. Was a motorcycle crash an accident or attempt at assassination by the British Secret Service? “Lawrence: After Arabia” tells the story of the last years of the life of the 20th century hero, T.E. Lawrence – Lawrence of Arabia. Lawrence was a writer and poet with friendships with GB Shaw, Thomas Hardy, Henry Williamson, EM Forster, Siegfried Sassoon and others but he was also a political agitator and good friends with Winston Churchill. Read More

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Director: Mark J.T. Griffin
Actor: Alan Mash,Alfie Neville-Jones,Alison Payton,Archie Rowell,Bill Peat,Brian Cox,Calin,Celia Muir,Chris Gallarus,Chris Wilson,Colin Blyth,Dan Avery,David Medina,Debbie Tarrier,Derek Herbert,Finbar McLuckie,Gina Bee,Guillaume Rivaud,Harry Cockerill,Hattie Gotobed,Howard Payton,Hugh Fraser,Jason Salkey,Jim Ruel,Jo Simons,John Capel,Jon Ian Dredge,Kevin Hudson,Laurent C. Lucas,Mark J.T. Griffin,Mark Vernon Freestone,Matthew Dale,Mervyn Stutter,Michael Maloney,Nicole Ansari-Cox,Nicole Faraday,Rad Brown,Richard Harvey,Rick Savery,Robin Lee,Roy Restell,Rufus Williams,Russell Biles,Sam Dacombe,Sandra Capel,Steve Rollins,Tim Faraday,Tom Barber-Duffy,Trevor Puckett,Wayne Ferguson,William Bishop