Malena 2000
Title: Malena
Original title: Malèna
Release year: 2000
Genre: Drama, Romance, War

Amidst the war climate, a teenage boy discovering himself becomes love-stricken by Malèna, a sensual woman living in a small, narrow-minded Italian town.

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Rated 4 out of 5
4 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good100%

General information

Rated 4 out of 5

“Malena” is a 2000 Italian film directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. The movie is set in a small Sicilian town during World War II and tells the story of a beautiful woman named Malena, played by Monica Bellucci, who becomes the object of desire for many of the town’s men, including a young boy named Renato, played by Giuseppe Sulfaro. As the war progresses, Malena faces increasing hostility and gossip from the townspeople, who suspect her of being a Nazi sympathizer. The film explores themes of desire, jealousy, and prejudice, and has been praised for its cinematography and Bellucci’s performance.

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Director: Giuseppe Tornatore
Actor: Adelaide Alessi,Adriana Rizza,Agostino Scuderi,Agostino Ursino,Alessandro Cremona,Angelo Battista,Angelo Fortuna,Angelo Pellegrino,Antonello Puglisi,Antonio Fulfaro,Antonio Pellegrino,Aurora Quattrocchi,Brandon Fibbs,Carmela Pulvirenti,Chiara Marchese,Claudia Muzii,Claudio Castrogiovanni,Claudio Piano,Conchita Puglisi,Daniele Arena,Domenico Gennaro,Drew Breeden,Elisa Morucci,Emanuele Gullotto,Fabrizio Ferracane,Fausto Siddi,Francesco Drago,Franco Catalano,Gabriella Di Luzio,Gaetano Aronica,Giada Salesi,Gianluca Guarrera,Gilberto Idonea,Giovanni Febraro,Giovanni Litrico,Giovanni Martorana,Giuseppe Luciano,Giuseppe Pattavina,Giuseppe Sulfaro,Giuseppe Zizzo,Lazzaro Croce,Lucia Sardo,Luciano Federico,Marcello Catalano,Maria Teresa Di Clemente,Maria Terranova,Matilde Piana,Michel Daniel Bramanti,Monica Bellucci,Noam Morgensztern,Noemi Giarratana,Orio Scaduto,Ornella Giusto,Paola Pace,Patrizia De Libero,Pietro Notarianni,Pippo Provvidenti,Roberto Rizza,Salvatore Martino,Sebastiana Fichera,Sebastiano Fisichella,Sergio Seminara,Totò Borgese,Turi Killer,Vanni Bramati,Vincenzo Terranova,Vitalba Andrea