Mallrats 1995
Title: Mallrats
Release year: 1995
Country: United States
Genre: Comedy, Romance

Both dumped by their girlfriends, two best friends seek refuge in the local mall.

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Rated 4 out of 5
4 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good100%

General information

Rated 4 out of 5

“Mallrats” is a 1995 comedy film directed by Kevin Smith. Set in a suburban shopping mall, the movie follows the misadventures of two friends, T.S. Quint (played by Jeremy London) and Brodie Bruce (played by Jason Lee), as they navigate their troubled relationships and attempt to win back their girlfriends.

The film features a quirky and irreverent sense of humor, which is a trademark of Kevin Smith’s early works. It revolves around the theme of youthful angst, with the characters facing various obstacles and conflicts while trying to find their place in the world. “Mallrats” presents a satirical view of consumer culture, exploring the dynamics of the mall environment and its inhabitants.

The performances in “Mallrats” are generally solid, with Jason Lee standing out as the charismatic and offbeat Brodie Bruce. The supporting cast includes Shannen Doherty, Claire Forlani, Ben Affleck, and Jason Mewes, among others. While the performances may not be Oscar-worthy, the actors bring a certain charm and energy to their roles, contributing to the film’s overall appeal.

The humor in “Mallrats” relies heavily on witty dialogue, pop culture references, and situational comedy. It embraces a mix of clever wordplay, slapstick humor, and raunchy jokes. Some viewers may find the humor juvenile or crass, but if you enjoy Kevin Smith’s distinctive brand of humor, you’re likely to appreciate the film’s comedic style.

One of the strengths of “Mallrats” is its nostalgic and relatable depiction of the mall culture of the 1990s. The movie captures the era’s fashion trends, music, and attitudes, resonating with audiences who grew up during that time. It presents a snapshot of a particular cultural moment, evoking a sense of nostalgia for those who experienced it firsthand.

However, “Mallrats” didn’t fare well at the box office upon its initial release and received mixed reviews from critics. Some critics found the film to be juvenile and lacking depth, while others praised its clever humor and pop culture references. Over time, it has gained a cult following and has become a favorite among Kevin Smith fans.

In conclusion, “Mallrats” is a comedy film that showcases Kevin Smith’s distinct humor and satirical style. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, those who appreciate its irreverent humor, ’90s nostalgia, and offbeat characters are likely to find it an enjoyable watch.

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Director: Kevin Smith
Actor: Aaron Preusse,Art James,Ben Affleck,Brad Fox,Brad Gidding,Brian O'Halloran,Britt Swenson,Bryan Johnson,Bryce Mack,Carol Banker,Chelsea Frye,Christopher O'Larkin,Claire Forlani,Crystal Muirhead-Manik,David Brinkley,David Klein,Earl R. Burt,Ed Hapstak,Elizabeth Ashley,Ethan Flower,Ethan Suplee,Gino Gori,Jason Lee,Jason Mewes,Jeff Gadbois,Jeremy London,Jessica Sibinski,Joel Thingvall,Joey Lauren Adams,Kevin Smith,Kyle Boe,Mary Woolever,Matthew McCloud,Michael Rooker,Mikey Kovar,Nathan Stockwell,Priscilla Barnes,Rachel Oliva,Renée Humphrey,Scott Mosier,Shannen Doherty,Stan Lee,Steven Blackwell,Sven-Ole Thorsen,Tammara Melloy,Terry Hempleman,Tyson Nassauer,Walter Flanagan,Zach Perkins