Movie 43 2013
Title: Movie 43
Release year: 2013
Country: United States
Genre: Comedy

A series of interconnected short films follows a washed-up producer as he pitches insane story lines featuring some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

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Rated 2 out of 5
2 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good0%

General information

Rated 2 out of 5

“Movie 43” is a 2013 comedy film that is notoriously known for being one of the worst movies ever made. The film consists of a series of interconnected sketches that are meant to be humorous but end up being tasteless and offensive.

The cast is filled with big-name stars such as Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry, and Naomi Watts, among others. However, even their star power is not enough to save the film from being a complete disaster.

The humor in “Movie 43” is mostly centered around bodily functions, sex jokes, and shock value. There is no real plot or structure to the film, and the sketches are disjointed and inconsistent.

The film’s attempts at satire fall flat, and the jokes are often in poor taste. There is a sense that the filmmakers were trying to shock and offend the audience, rather than entertain them.

Overall, “Movie 43” is a crude and tasteless film that is best avoided. Its star-studded cast and marketing may have fooled some into watching it, but it ultimately fails to deliver any genuine laughs or entertainment value.

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