My Christmas Family Tree 2021
Title: My Christmas Family Tree
Release year: 2021
Country: Canada
Genre: Drama, Romance

When Vanessa receives the results from her Family Tree DNA test, she discovers a family she didn’t know existed and travels to their home for Christmas.

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Director: Jason Bourque
Actor: Aadila Dosani,Aiden Wang,Aimee Teegarden,Allan Wang,Andrew W. Walker,Angus Bell,Ava Telek,Brenda Bauder,Colby McClendon,Cruiser,Eric Hominick,Georgia Mae Orchard,James Tupper,Janine Astles,John Perrotta,Jordan Gooden,Kapila Rego,Kendall Cross,Lia Wolfe,Lisa Paxton,Marcie Nestman,Melissa Howell,Monique Helbig,Nyha Huanga Breitkreuz,Ranon Lucas,Robert Egger,Tyler Hynes,V.G. Winter,William George