Nope 2022
Title: Nope
Release year: 2022

The residents of a lonely gulch in inland California bear witness to an uncanny and chilling discovery.

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Director: Jordan Peele
Actor: Ahmad Muhammad,Alex Hyde-White,Amanda Jones,Andrew Patrick Ralston,Barbie Ferreira,Brandon Perea,Caden J. Lovgren,Chelsea Newman,Conor Kowalski,Courtney Elizabeth,Dana Henrickson,Daniel Kaluuya,Devon Graye,Donna Mills,Doug Friedman,Eddie Jemison,Erin Marie Durcan,Evan Shafran,Gloria Cole,Hetty Chang,Jacob Kim,Jennifer Lafleur,Juda Lee Cabot,Keith David,Keke Palmer,Lincoln Lambert,Liza Treyger,Lola Sultan,Malcolm Jae O'Shea,Meredith VanCuyk,Michael Busch,Michael Wincott,Oz Perkins,Pierce Kang,Rhian Rees,Roman Gross,Ryan W. Garcia,Sophia Coto,Steven Yeun,Terry Notary,Vicki Liviakis,William Dawson,Wrenn Schmidt