Phantom of the Paradise 1974
Title: Phantom of the Paradise
Release year: 1974
Country: United States

A disfigured composer sells his soul for the woman he loves so that she will perform his music. However, an evil record tycoon betrays him and steals his music to open his rock palace, The Paradise.

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Rated 4 out of 5
4 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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General information

Rated 4 out of 5

“Phantom of the Paradise” is a cult classic musical horror film from 1974, directed by Brian De Palma. The movie follows the story of Winslow Leach (played by William Finley), a talented but unsuccessful composer who falls victim to a greedy record producer named Swan (played by Paul Williams) who steals his music and frames him for drug dealing.

Leach ends up in prison and is eventually released, but he becomes disfigured in the process. Seeking revenge, he dons a costume and takes on the identity of the Phantom of the Paradise, haunting Swan’s newly opened rock palace, The Paradise, and sabotaging his plans for a new musical sensation.

Meanwhile, Swan is grooming a young singer named Phoenix (played by Jessica Harper) to be his star attraction. When the Phantom hears Phoenix’s beautiful voice, he falls in love with her and decides to help her achieve success. However, their efforts are threatened by Swan’s Machiavellian machinations.

The film features a mix of horror, comedy, and rock music, with a soundtrack composed by Paul Williams. It has gained a cult following over the years and is known for its over-the-top visuals, campy performances, and dark humor.

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Director: Brian De Palma
Actor: Adam Wade,Angelyne,April Troy,Archie Hahn,Art Munson,Arthur Krauss,Bibi Hansen,Bobby Birkenfeld,Bridgett Dunn,Carol O'Leary,Cathy Buttner,Celia Derr,Cheryl Smith,Coleen Crudden,Colin Cameron,David Garland,Deen Summers,Dennis Olivieri,Diana Walden,Gary Mallaber,Gene Gross,George Memmoli,Gerrit Graham,Greg Bransom,Henry Calvert,Herb Pacheco,Jane DeFord,Janet Savarino,Janit Baldwin,Janus Blythe,Jean Savarino,Jeffrey Comanor,Jennifer Ashley,Jessica Harper,Jim Bohan,Judy Washington,Katherine Mastellos,Keith Allison,Ken Carpenter,Kristi Bird,Leslie Brewer,Linda Cox,Linda Larimer,Marty Bongfeldt,Mary Margaret Amato,Nancy Moses,Nydia Amagas,Patrice Rohmer,Paul Hirsch,Paul Williams,Peter Elbling,Peter Harrell,Rand Bridges,Ray Kennedy,Robin Jeep,Robin Mattson,Rod Serling,Roseanne Romine,Sam Forney,Sandy Catton,Sara Ballantine,Scott Edmund Lane,Shelly Desai,Sherri Adeline,Susan Weiser-Finley,Troy Haskins,Walter Foster,William Donovan,William Finley,William Shephard