Physical Evidence 1989
Title: Physical Evidence
Release year: 1989
Country: United States

A police officer suspended and now accused of murder is forced to join forces with his court-appointed attorney to assemble the pieces of a deadly puzzle to find the missing link before time runs out.

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Rated 3 out of 5
3 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good0%

General information

Rated 3 out of 5

“Physical Evidence” is a crime thriller movie directed by Michael Crichton and starring Burt Reynolds and Theresa Russell. The film was released in 1989.

The story follows a suspended police officer, Joe Paris (Burt Reynolds), who is accused of murdering his ex-wife and her new lover. The only evidence against him is a .38 caliber gun that was found at the scene of the crime, and which matches the gun that Paris owns. Paris hires a defense attorney, Jenny Hudson (Theresa Russell), to represent him in court. As they investigate the case together, they discover that there is more to the case than meets the eye, and that there may be a conspiracy against Paris.

The movie received mixed reviews from critics and was not a commercial success. However, it remains an interesting crime thriller with some unexpected twists and turns. Burt Reynolds and Theresa Russell give strong performances, and Michael Crichton’s direction keeps the suspense high throughout the movie.

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Director: Michael Crichton
Actor: Allan Aarons,Angelo Rizacos,Angie McNab,Anthony Sherwood,Barry Flatman,Burt Reynolds,Chris Thomas,Claire Cellucci,David Clement,David Efron,David Ferry,Diane Douglass,Djanet Sears,Don Granbery,Eddie Driscoll,François Klanfer,Gene Mack,J. Winston Carroll,Jennifer Inch,Kathy Michael McGlynn,Kay Lenz,Ken James,Ken Roberts,Kenneth Welsh,Kenny Bates,Lamar Jackson,Larry Reynolds,Laurie Holden,Laurie Paton,Louis Negin,Malcolm Stewart,Matt Cooke,Michael Copeman,Michael Donaghue,Michael P. Moran,Michael Rothery,Ned Beatty,Norm Henderson,Paul Hubbard,Peter MacNeill,Ray Baker,Richard Fitzpatrick,Stan Barett,Steve Whistance-Smith,Steven Hunter,Stewart Arnott,Ted McGinley,Terry Tweed,Theresa Russell,Tom O'Brien,Victor Ertmanis