R.I.P.D. 2013
Title: R.I.P.D.
Release year: 2013
Country: United States

A cop killed by his own partner joins RIPD, an afterlife law enforcement department working to apprehend various monsters disguised as humans living on earth, and gets paired up with a smart-mouthed veteran.

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Rated 3 out of 5
3 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good0%

General information

Rated 3 out of 5

R.I.P.D. is a 2013 supernatural action-comedy film directed by Robert Schwentke and starring Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges, and Kevin Bacon. The movie is based on the comic book series of the same name by Peter M. Lenkov.

The film follows Nick Walker (Reynolds), a police officer who is killed in the line of duty and recruited by the Rest In Peace Department (R.I.P.D.), a supernatural police force that protects the world from dangerous souls who refuse to move on to the afterlife. Nick is partnered with Roy Pulsipher (Bridges), a Wild West lawman who has been dead for over a century. Together, they must stop a powerful villain (Bacon) from unleashing an evil force that could destroy the world.

Overall, R.I.P.D. received mostly negative reviews from critics and audiences alike. Many criticized the movie’s lackluster plot, weak character development, and uninspired action sequences. The film was also criticized for its similarities to the Men in Black franchise, with some calling it a rip-off.

However, despite its flaws, R.I.P.D. does have some redeeming qualities. The chemistry between Reynolds and Bridges is enjoyable, and their comedic banter provides some of the film’s few genuine laughs. The movie also features some impressive visual effects, particularly in its depiction of the afterlife and the various supernatural creatures that inhabit it.

In summary, while R.I.P.D. is far from a cinematic masterpiece, it does have its moments of entertainment value. If you’re a fan of Ryan Reynolds or Jeff Bridges, or simply enjoy supernatural action-comedies, you may find something to enjoy in this movie. However, if you’re looking for a more substantial or original film, you may want to look elsewhere.

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Director: Robert Schwentke
Actor: Aaron Dorsey,Adam Zalt,Alexandra Murrietta,Andrea-Nichole Olivas,Ben Sloane,Ben Tanguay,Bill Mootos,Bill Thorpe,Bob Dio,Bobbi D. Laird,Casey Kelly,Catherine Kresge,Charlie Alejandro,Charlie Flannery,Cheryl McMahon,Chris Everett,Chris Fries,Chris Palermo,Chris Whitney,Christopher S. Porter,Clinton Blackburn,Cody Sousa,D.J. 'Shangela' Pierce,Dakota Shepard,Dale F. Appel,Daniel Lowney,Danny Connelly,Darryl Wooten,David Boston,David J. Curtis,David Pulson,David Struffolino,David Weindel,Devin Ratray,Diana Afonso,Diane Curran,Dillon O'Donnell,Donna Glee Reim,Donny Soares,Duncan B. Putney,Emmalyn Anderson,Eric Ferraz,Erin Reinhard,Flora Genet,Frank Durant,Frankie Imbergamo,Franz Strassmann,Gary Roscoe,George J. Vezina,Georgia Lyman,Grayson Powell,Gregory Barbon,J Parker Kent,Jacqueline Astbury,James Gifford,James Hong,Jamie Christopher White,Jane Forrestal,Jason Amherst,Jayne Costello Goode,Jeff Bridges,Jeff MacKinnon,Jeff T. Buco,Jeffrey Malick,Jessica Rockwood,Jim Ford,Jimmy C. Jules,Jimmy P. Wong,Joe Stapleton,John Burke,John Franchi,Jon Gould,Jon Olson,Jonathan Cornett,Jonathan Davila,Josh Gunderson,Josh Sussman,Joshua Koopman,Kachina Dechert,Kamron Leal,Keith Fluker,Ken Kansky,Ken Murray,Kevin Bacon,Kilo Alexander,Kimberly Evan,Kimberly Giardino,Kimmie Johnson,Kortney Adams,Lance Greene,Larry Joe Campbell,Laura Pizzuti,London Hall,Lonnie Farmer,Lucia Vecchio,Manajhjanihe Royalle,Mariano 'Big Dawg' Mendoza,Marisa Miller,Mary Wexler,Mary-Louise Parker,Matt McColm,Matt Soscia,Matthew Spinale,Mel Alejandro,Michael Coons,Michael Steven Costello,Michael Tow,Michael Yebba,Mike Di Stasio,Mike Judge,Mike O'Malley,Mike Wendt,Morgan Bernhard,Mugisha Feruzi,Naheem Garcia,Nick Cairis,Nick Dash,Paul Bronk,Paul Redmond,Peter Morse,Piper Mackenzie Harris,Ren Knopf,Rhet Kidd,Richard Pacheco,Rick Burtt,Rickland Powell,Robert Kenney,Robert Knepper,Robert Masiello,Ronald Boone,Rosemary Howard,Ryan Reynolds,Sal DiMino,Samantha Durand,Shawn Fogarty,Stacey Forbes,Stephanie Atkinson,Stephanie Szostak,Stephen Kyle,Steve Flynn,Steve Perry,Steven Dougherty,Stevie Costa,Stew Replogle,Stream,Susan Bergeron,Susan Wilson,Suzanne Gillies,Suzanne Prunty,Sylvah Mania,Thomas A. Miller,Tim Jacobs,Tobias Segal,Toby Huss,Tom Mariano,Tommy Jay Dwyer,Tony Ramos Wright,Tricia Clift McCrone,Wes Williams II,William Xifaras,Zoe Aggeliki