Romance 1999
Title: Romance
Release year: 1999
Country: France
Genre: Drama, Romance

Frustrated by the lack of intimacy in her relationship, a young schoolteacher goes through a series of intimidating and often violent sexual partners.

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Director: Catherine Breillat
Actor: Alain L'Yle,Alexis Gignoux,Angélique Polosse,Antoine Amador,Ashley Wanninger,Aziz,Bernard Garreau,Carla,Caroline Ducey,Caroline Virly,Cédric Samson,Christian Poitrasson,Coco,Emma Colberti,Emmanuel Salengro,Emmanuelle N'Guyen,Fabien de Jomaron,Fovéa,François Berléand,Hervé Pierre-Gustave,Jean-Pierre Daniel,Karine Menachemoff,Kevin Long,Kosta,Marco,Muriel Gregoire,Nadia Latoui,Oliver Buchette,Pierre Maufront,Reza Habouhossein,Roberto Malone,Rocco Siffredi,Roman Rouzier,Sagamore Stévenin,Salomé,Samuel Charter,Sebastien Jochmans,Steve Cox,Sylvie Drieu,Tramber,Vince,Yamine Tamerhoulet