Run of the Arrow 1957
Title: Run of the Arrow
Release year: 1957
Country: United States
Genre: Western

When the South loses the war, Confederate veteran O’Meara goes West, joins the Sioux, takes a wife and refuses to be an American but he must choose a side when the Sioux go to war against the U.S. Army.

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Rated 3 out of 5
3 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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General information

Rated 3 out of 5

“Run of the Arrow” is a Western movie released in 1957, directed by Samuel Fuller and starring Rod Steiger, Brian Keith, and Charles Bronson. The film is set in the aftermath of the American Civil War and tells the story of O’Meara, a former Confederate soldier who travels west to start a new life among the Sioux Indians.

The movie begins with O’Meara, played by Rod Steiger, refusing to surrender his Confederate uniform after the Civil War ends. In a fit of rage, he takes aim at a Union soldier and shoots him dead. Fearing retribution, he flees to the west, where he is taken in by the Sioux Indians. There, he learns their ways and eventually becomes a respected member of the tribe.

The film explores themes of cultural conflict and identity as O’Meara struggles to reconcile his past as a Confederate soldier with his new life among the Sioux. The conflict comes to a head when he is forced to choose between his loyalty to the Sioux and his allegiance to the US government.

Overall, “Run of the Arrow” is a well-crafted Western with strong performances from its cast. Rod Steiger is particularly impressive as the conflicted O’Meara, and the film’s exploration of cultural identity feels both timely and timeless. The cinematography is also notable, with sweeping landscapes and vibrant colors adding to the film’s visual appeal.

However, some may find the film’s depiction of Native American culture to be somewhat dated and stereotypical. Additionally, the pacing can be slow at times, and the film’s message may feel heavy-handed to some viewers.

In conclusion, “Run of the Arrow” is a solid Western with strong performances and a compelling story. While it may not be for everyone, fans of the genre and those interested in exploring themes of cultural conflict and identity will find much to enjoy.

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Director: Samuel Fuller
Actor: Angie Dickinson,Bill White Jr.,Billy Miller,Brian Keith,Carleton Young,Charles Bronson,Chuck Hayward,Chuck Roberson,Don Orlando,Emile Avery,Frank Baker,Frank DeKova,Frank O'Connor,Frank Warner,George Ross,H.M. Wynant,Jay C. Flippen,Kermit Maynard,Neyle Morrow,Olive Carey,Ralph Meeker,Ray Stevens,Rod Steiger,Roscoe Ates,Sara Montiel,Stuart Randall,Tex Holden,Tim McCoy