Rush 2013
Title: Rush
Release year: 2013

The merciless 1970s rivalry between Formula One rivals James Hunt and Niki Lauda.

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Rated 4 out of 5
4 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good100%

General information

Rated 4 out of 5

“Rush” is a 2013 sports drama movie directed by Ron Howard, which tells the story of the intense Formula 1 rivalry between the British driver James Hunt and the Austrian Niki Lauda during the 1970s. The film stars Chris Hemsworth as Hunt and Daniel Brühl as Lauda, and it received positive reviews from both critics and audiences.

One of the strengths of “Rush” is its ability to create a thrilling atmosphere that captures the speed and danger of Formula 1 racing. The movie’s excellent cinematography and sound design work together to immerse the viewer in the experience, making it feel like they are right in the middle of the action. Moreover, the performances of Hemsworth and Brühl are outstanding, and they manage to capture the contrasting personalities of the two drivers while portraying their intense rivalry with a high degree of authenticity.

In addition to its impressive technical aspects, “Rush” also offers an engaging storyline that explores the complex relationship between Hunt and Lauda. The film manages to go beyond the usual clichés of sports movies and presents a nuanced portrayal of two individuals who are driven by their passion for racing but have different approaches to the sport. The movie also deals with the theme of mortality, as Lauda’s near-fatal accident during the 1976 German Grand Prix becomes a pivotal moment in the story.

Overall, “Rush” is a well-crafted movie that offers a thrilling and emotionally satisfying viewing experience. Whether you’re a Formula 1 fan or not, this movie is definitely worth watching for its excellent performances, stunning visuals, and engaging storyline.

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Director: Ron Howard
Actor: Aaron Ly,Adam Newbury,Aisling Knight,Akira Koieyama,Alan Bayer,Alan Low,Alastair Caldwell,Alessandro De Marco,Alex Gillison,Alexander Bracq,Alexandra Maria Lara,Alistair Petrie,Andreas Engelmann,Andy Joy,Annabel Riley,Anthony Tan,Anthony Wolfe,Antti Hakala,Augusto Dallara,Bern Collaço,Bob Constanduros,Brooke Johnston,Butchy Davy,Carl Robinson,Caspian Faye,Chonradee Kulthap,Chris Cowlin,Chris Hemsworth,Chris Kent-Ledger,Chris Wilson,Christian Feist,Christian McKay,Christopher G. Jones,Christopher Wolert,Colin Stinton,Cris Penfold,Cristian Solimeno,Cristian Stelluti,Daniel Brühl,Daniel Chapple,Daniel Farrow,David Calder,David G. Robinson,David Golt,David Malcolm,Demetri Goritsas,Dennis Vehlen,Devora Wilde,Dirk Schilling,Douglas Reith,Ebba Ingvar,Eddie Bagayawa,Edward Sampson,Eiji Mihara,Erich Redman,Errol Clayton,Fabio Vollono,Filippo Delaunay,Folker Banik,Francesco Fronte,Frankie Meredith,Gary Comerford,Gemita Samarra,Geoffrey Streatfeild,Gerald Tomkinson,Gereon Kalkuhl,Gordon Bibby,Graham Curry,Guinevere Edwards,Guy Mayfield,Hannah Brackstone-Brown,Hannah Britland,Hans-Eckart Eckhardt,Harry Dave McLaren,Harry Rudd,Helen Evans,Ignacio Guirado,Ilario Calvo,Jake Francis,James Ducker,James Hunt,James Michael Rankin,James Norton,Jamie de Courcey,Jamie Langlands,Jamie Sives,Jason Ebelthite,Jay Simpson,Jenna Manning,Jensen Freeman,Jeremy Oliver,Jeremy Wolfe,Jim Liu,Joanna Finata,Jochen Kolenda,Jodie Perry,Joe Ferrara,John Duggan,John Heartstone,John Warman,Jon L. Morris,Jonathan Whittaker,Joséphine de La Baume,Julian Rhind-Tutt,Julien Vialon,Kai Henschel,Kate Sweeney,Kenneth Coombs,Kevin Oliver Jones,Kevin Tran,Kirsty Seager,Klaus D. Mund,Kristofer Dayne,Kyriakos Georgiou,Laura Jean Marsh,Lee Asquith-Coe,Lee Craven,Lee Nicholas Harris,Liana Mesaikou,Lisa McAllister,Louisa Warwick,Luca Matteo Zizzari,Luca Naddeo,Lucas Antoine Starrets,Lukas DiSparrow,Marcello Walton,Marco Canadea,Marco Napoli,Marios Nicolaides,Mark Postgate,Martin Savage,Martyn Moore,Masashi Fujimoto,Matthew Watkinson,Max Hastings,Max Manganello,Michael Pearson,Michael Vardian,Minh Ngu,Morgan Delle Piane,Morris Minelli,Natalie Dormer,Neil Chapelhow,Nigel Genis,Niki Lauda,Nino Porzio,Olivia Wilde,Pablo Bubar,Paolo Barone,Patrick Baladi,Paul Redfern,Pete Meads,Philippe D'Imperio,Philippe Spall,Pierfrancesco Favino,Polly Brindle,Raffaello Degruttola,Rain Elwood,Ray Burnet,Raymond Glen,Rebecca Ferdinando,Reuben Turner,Ricardo Freitas,Richard Herdman,Robert Cambrinus,Robert Christopher Austin,Robert Finlay,Roberto Cavazos,Robin George,Roddy Button,Roger Nevares,Roland Watson,Rosalie Wolff,Ross McKinnon,Ruggero Dalla Santa,Sam Shoubber,Samantha Kelly,Sami Tesfay,Santi Scinelli,Sarah Leigh,Scott Hopkins,Selina Chiu,Sharan Hunjan,Shaun Lucas,Shaz Lancaster,Sid Man,Simon Taylor,Simone Liebman,Siong Loong Choong,Sonia Relander,Stephen Mangan,Steve Parker,Stuart Mulcaster,Tatsujiro Oto,Thomas Binder,Tim Lawes,Tobias James-Samuels,Tom Whelehan,Tom Wlaschiha,Trent Owers,Val Jobara,Vanda Dadras,Vanessa Zachos,Victoria Sviggum,Vincent Riotta,Xavier Laurent,Zack Niizato