Salyut-7 2017
Title: Salyut-7
Release year: 2017
Country: Russia

USSR, June 1985. Based on actual events. After contact with the Salyut 7 space station is lost, cosmonauts Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Viktor Savinykh dock with the empty, frozen craft, and bring her back to life.

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Rated 4 out of 5
4 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good100%

General information

Rated 4 out of 5

“Salyut-7” is a 2017 Russian film directed by Klim Shipenko. It is based on the true events that took place in 1985 when the Soviet space station Salyut-7 experienced a major system failure and the crew was evacuated. The film follows the subsequent mission to rescue and restore the unmanned space station.

Overall, “Salyut-7” received generally positive reviews. The film successfully recreates the tense and high-stakes atmosphere of space exploration during the Cold War era. The visual effects are well done, capturing the vastness of space and the intricacies of the space station. The movie effectively portrays the challenges faced by the cosmonauts during their mission and highlights their bravery and determination.

The performances in the film are commendable, with strong portrayals of the characters involved in the mission. Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Pavel Derevyanko deliver compelling performances as the two cosmonauts who are sent to save the Salyut-7. The film also explores the personal sacrifices made by the crew members and the toll it takes on their families back on Earth.

One aspect that received criticism is the lack of character development. While the film focuses more on the action and the rescue mission itself, some viewers felt that there was a missed opportunity to delve deeper into the personal lives and motivations of the characters.

Another point of critique was the pacing of the film. Some scenes were considered to be overly long, which led to a sense of dragging in certain parts of the movie.

Despite these criticisms, “Salyut-7” is generally praised for its technical aspects and its dedication to portraying a real-life event in space history. It is an engaging and thrilling film that offers a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of space exploration. If you have an interest in space missions or historical events, “Salyut-7” is definitely worth a watch.

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Director: Klim Shipenko
Actor: Aleksandr Chistyakov,Aleksandr Gurkin,Aleksandr Ilin,Aleksandr Lenin,Aleksandr Ratnikov,Aleksandr Samoylenko,Aleksandr Vasilyev,Aleksandr Vontov,Aleksandra Serebryakova,Aleksey Vagin,Andrey Polishchuk,Andrey Tolshin,Anna Skiba,Artur Vakha,Artyom Semakin,Ekaterina Novikova,Elena Kaygorodova,Gennadiy Lebedev,Igor Devlekamov,Igor Ugolnikov,Ilya Andryukov,Inna Sokolova,Irina Romasheva,Ivan Korytov,Kirill Ulyanov,Klim Shipenko,Konstantin Kordo-Sysoev,Konstantin Purusov,Leonid Paranin,Lyubov Aksyonova,Mariya Mironova,Mikhail Sakulin,Natalya Kudryashova,Nikita Panfilov,Oksana Fandera,Oksana Syrtsova,Pavel Derevyanko,Polina Rudenko,Roman Perelygin,Sean Michael Thomas,Sergey Demidov,Sergey Korenkov,Sergey Mikryukov,Svetlana Petrova,Tatyana Stadnitskaya,Valeriy Chagin,Valeriy Filonov,Vasiliy Ignatich,Vitaliy Khaev,Vladimir Matveev,Vladimir Vdovichenkov,Vyacheslav Malaev,Yuliya Chernysheva,Yuliya Izyurova,Yuriy Ignatenko