Schulmädchen-Report 8. Teil - Was Eltern nie erfahren dürfen 1974
Title: Schulmädchen-Report 8. Teil - Was Eltern nie erfahren dürfen
Release year: 1974
Country: West Germany
Genre: Drama

A group of young co-eds who are away from home at boarding school share intimate stories about their “first-time” in a revealing session of show and tell. This 1970s late-night classic has been remastered from the original film elements and has never looked better! Three classic “nudie cutie” short films from the 1960s and 70s are included for a perfect night of retro erotic fun!

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Director: Ernst Hofbauer
Actor: Astrid Boner,Carina Kreisch,Carlamaria Heim,Carl-Heinz Kühn,Christine Szenetra,Claus Tinney,Eduard Meisel,Elke Deuringer,Gisela Schwartz,Joachim Hackethal,Jörg Nagel,Judith Armbrüster,Jürgen Feindt,Jürgen Schilling,Lis Kertelge,Manuela Widman,Marianne Dupont,Marisa Feldy,Rolf Castell,Roswitha Geuther,Sandra Atia,Werner Singh,Wolf Ackva,Yvonne Dwyer