Sex, Pity and Loneliness 2017
Title: Sex, Pity and Loneliness
Original title: Einsamkeit und Sex und Mitleid
Release year: 2017
Country: Germany
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Amateur beekeeper Robert lives with his wife Maschjonka and the daughters Swentja and Sonja in a terraced housing estate. The marriage is cold. The family is moving to a smaller apartment where Robert can not bring his bees. He leaves his frustration in an “Anger Room” in which you can build a scene of life from props and then destroying them by means of slashing and stabbing weapons to reduce negative energies. The Anger Room is run by former teacher Ecki, who had to give up his beloved profession on charges of sexual harassment to a student; an event that he denies and seeks to process therapeutically. The triggering student is what he does not know, Robert’s 14-year-old daughter Swentja. She gets to know Mahmud, who makes her offerings of a sexual nature. This is where Swentja, out of curiosity and boredom, first enters, later they both develop a real interest in each other. Read More

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Director: Lars Montag
Actor: Aaron Hilmer,Barbara Philipp,Bernhard Schütz,Buenaventura Braunstein,Eugen Bauder,Eva Löbau,Friederike Kempter,Gisa Flake,Hussein Eliraqui,Jan Henrik Stahlberg,Katja Bürkle,Knud Riepen,Lara Mandoki,Lilly Wiedemann,Lisa Adler,Maria Hofstätter,Peter Schneider,Rainer Bock,Robert Carlo Ceder,Taliha Iman Celik,Thao Vu,Yamen Masoud