Superman III 1983
Title: Superman III
Release year: 1983

Synthetic kryptonite laced with tar splits Superman in two: good Clark Kent and bad Man of Steel.

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Rated 3 out of 5
3 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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General information

Rated 3 out of 5

Superman III is a 1983 superhero movie directed by Richard Lester and starring Christopher Reeve as the titular character. The movie received mixed reviews upon its release and is often regarded as the weakest of the original Superman trilogy.

The plot revolves around Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent, who returns to his hometown of Smallville to attend his high school reunion. Meanwhile, a ruthless businessman named Ross Webster (played by Robert Vaughn) hires a computer programmer named Gus Gorman (played by Richard Pryor) to assist him in taking over the world’s computer systems. Gorman, however, realizes the scope of Webster’s plan and teams up with Superman to stop him.

While the performances of Reeve, Pryor, and Vaughn are commendable, the movie suffers from an uneven tone and a lackluster plot. The film tries to balance humor and action, but the comedic elements feel forced and out of place, particularly in the scenes involving Pryor’s character. The special effects, which were groundbreaking for their time, have also aged poorly and look dated by today’s standards.

Overall, while Superman III is not without its charms, it falls short when compared to its predecessors. Fans of the Superman franchise may still enjoy it for its nostalgic value, but it is not a must-watch for casual viewers.

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Director: Richard Lester
Actor: Aaron Smolinski,Al Matthews,Annette O'Toole,Annie Ross,Arnold Lee,Barrie Holland,Barry Dennen,Bill Reimbold,Bob Todd,Christopher Malcolm,Christopher Reeve,Colin Skeaping,David Fielder,David Winning,Derek Lyons,Enid Saunders,Frank Oz,Fred Wood,Gavan O'Herlihy,Geoffrey Steele,George Chisholm,Gordon Rollings,Gordon Signer,Graham Stark,Grant Lowe,Guy Standeven,Harry Van Engel,Helen Horton,Henry Woolf,Jackie Cooper,Jill Goldston,John Bluthal,John Clifford,Justin Case,Kevin Harrison Cork,Larry Lamb,Les Kimber,Leslie Weeks,Loraine Fowlow,Lou Hirsch,Marc McClure,Margot Kidder,Maureen Nelson,Maxwell Craig,Mildred Shay,Nancy Roberts,Pamela Mandell,Pamela Stephenson,Pat Starr,Paul Kaethler,Peter Wear,Peter Whitman,Philip Gilbert,R.J. Bell,Ray Ford,Richard Pryor,Robert Beatty,Robert Henderson,Robert Vaughn,Ronnie Brody,Roy Alon,Russell Brook,Sandra Dickinson,Shane Rimmer,Stan Edmonds,Stefan Kalipha,Stuart Freeborn,Terry Camilleri,Tina Simmons,Tracey Eddon,Wendy Leech