The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It 2021
Title: The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It
Release year: 2021
Country: United States

The Warrens investigate a murder that may be linked to a demonic possession.

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Director: Michael Chaves
Actor: Andrea Andrade,April Carroll,Ashley LeConte Campbell,Beth Pilgreen,Brandon Parker,Bryson JonSteele,Casey Hendershot,Charlene Amoia,Chris Greene,David Lee Poe Jr.,Davis Osborne,Elijah Everett,Erin Fasano,Eugenie Bondurant,Franco Castan,Heather Kantor,Ingrid Bisu,Jacinte Blankenship,Jaclyn White,Jake Lynn,James William Ballard,Jay D. Kacho,Jay Peterson,Jeannie Ledford,Jimmy Gonzales,John Noble,Julian Hilliard,Kaleka,Keith Arthur Bolden,Lacey Coan,Lindsay Ayliffe,Lydia Castro,Marc Demeter,Mark Rowe,Marley Kerlin,Mason Pike,Megan Ashley Brown,Mitchell Hoog,Nicholas Massouh,Nicky Buggs,Patrick Wilson,Paul Wilson,Payson Durant,Regina Ting Chen,Robert Walker Branchaud,Ronnie Gene Blevins,Ruairi O'Connor,Sarah Catherine Hook,Scott Whyte,Shannon Kook,Shawn Weston Thacker,Stella Doyle,Sterling Jerins,Steve Coulter,Steven I. Dillard,Trey McGriff,Vera Farmiga,Vince Pisani,Zele Avradopoulos