The Courier 2020
Title: The Courier
Release year: 2020

Businessman Greville Wynne is asked by a Russian source to try to help put an end to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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Director: Dominic Cooke
Actor: Ales Bílík,Alex Batareanu,Alexander Kotjakov,Alexey Ponomarev,Alice Orr-Ewing,Andrey Kurganov,Andruscha Hilscher,Angus Wright,Anton Lesser,Benedict Cumberbatch,Benny Maslov,Bern Collaço,Charles Walters,David Bark-Jones,David Evestaff,Deano Mitchison,Dennis Good,Diane Halling,Dmitri Vorontsov,Elina Alminas,Emma Penzina,Eysteinn Sigurðarson,Fred Haig,Harry Carr,Iva Sindelková,Jack Walters,James Schofield,Jed Aukin,Jessie Buckley,John F. Kennedy,Jonathan Addis,Jonathan Harden,Karina Salieva,Kate Handford,Keir Hills,Kemal Shah,Kirill Pirogov,Laurel Lefkow,Marián Chalany,Marian Lorencik,Mariya Mironova,Merab Ninidze,Miles Richardson,Nick Davison,Olga Koch,Oliver Johnstone,Ondrej Malý,Paul Riddell,Petr Klimes,Pippa Rathborne,Rachel Brosnahan,Richard Glaves,Richard Price,Rostislav Shabalin,Rustam Khadzhiev,Sergei Lebedev,Shenoah Allen,Stuart Cooke,Tomas Karel,Vladan Kolar,Vladimir Chuprikov,Yuri Klimov,Zdenek Pecha,Zeljko Ivanek