The Decline of Western Civilization 1981
Title: The Decline of Western Civilization
Release year: 1981
Country: United States

A look into the Los Angeles punk rock scene, that was largely ignored by the rock music press of the time.

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Rated 4 out of 5
4 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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General information

Rated 4 out of 5

“The Decline of Western Civilization” is a documentary film directed by Penelope Spheeris and released in 1981. The film provides an unflinching and raw portrayal of the punk rock and hardcore music scenes in Los Angeles during the late 1970s and early 1980s. It is divided into three parts, with each part focusing on a different aspect of the music subculture.

Part one of the film delves into the punk rock scene, featuring performances and interviews with bands such as Black Flag, X, and Germs. It captures the rebellious spirit and chaotic energy of the punk movement, as well as the DIY ethos that characterized the scene.

Part two focuses on the heavy metal scene, showcasing performances by bands like Van Halen and Ozzy Osbourne. This section explores the excesses and flamboyance associated with the genre, revealing both the hedonistic lifestyles of the musicians and the passionate fandom surrounding them.

The final part of the documentary centers around the emerging hardcore punk scene, featuring bands like Circle Jerks and Fear. It highlights the aggression and intensity of the music, as well as the growing influence of political and social issues within the punk community.

“The Decline of Western Civilization” is an important and influential film that offers an authentic and unvarnished glimpse into underground music subcultures of its time. It captures the energy, rebellion, and social commentary that defined punk and hardcore music, as well as the struggles faced by artists and the societal forces they were pushing against.

As a documentary, the film is characterized by its straightforward and unfiltered approach. Spheeris presents the music scenes without judgment or editorializing, allowing the footage and interviews to speak for themselves. This approach gives the viewer a genuine sense of immersion into the world being depicted.

Critically acclaimed upon its release, “The Decline of Western Civilization” has since become a cult classic and an important historical document. It provides a valuable snapshot of a specific moment in music history and serves as a reminder of the cultural impact and significance of punk and hardcore music.

Overall, “The Decline of Western Civilization” is a compelling documentary that captures the essence of the punk and hardcore music scenes of the late 1970s and early 1980s. It remains an essential viewing experience for anyone interested in the history of music and counterculture.

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Director: Penelope Spheeris
Actor: Alice Bag,Alice Bag Band,Billy Zoom,Black Flag,Bob Biggs,Brendan Mullen,Carla,Catholic Discipline,Chris D.,Chuck,Chuck Dukowski,Circle Jerks,Claude Bessy,Craig Lee,D.J. Bonebrake,Darby Crash,Derf Scratch,Dinah Cancer,Don Bolles,Dutch Michaels,Eugene Tatu,Exene Cervenka,Fear,Frank Gargani,Gary Hirstius,Greg Ginn,Greg Hetson,Jennifer Finch,Jennipher,Jenny Lens,John,John Doe,Keith Morris,Kenny DaSilva,Kit,Lee Ving,Lorna,Lorna Doom,Lucky Lehrer,Mac Neely,Malissa Hutton,Michael,Michelle Baer Ghaffari,Milt Wilson,Nicole Panter,Pat,Pat Smear,Penelope Spheeris,Philo Cramer,Philomena Winstanley,Phranc,Rick Brodey,Rick Schmidlin,Rob Ritter,Robert 'El Vez' López,Robo,Roger Rogerson,Ron Reyes,Spit Stix,Steve Samiof,Terry Graham,The Germs,Top Jimmy,Wayne Mayotte,X