The Diary of a Teenage Girl 2015
Title: The Diary of a Teenage Girl
Release year: 2015
Country: United States

A teen artist living in 1970s San Francisco enters into an affair with her mother’s boyfriend.

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Rated 3 out of 5
3 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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General information

Rated 3 out of 5

“The Diary of a Teenage Girl” is a 2015 coming-of-age drama film directed by Marielle Heller and based on the graphic novel of the same name by Phoebe Gloeckner. The film stars Bel Powley, Alexander Skarsgård, and Kristen Wiig and is set in San Francisco in the 1970s.

The movie follows the story of 15-year-old Minnie Goetze, played by Bel Powley, as she explores her sexuality and begins a sexual relationship with her mother’s boyfriend, Monroe, played by Alexander Skarsgård. The film is a raw and honest portrayal of teenage sexuality and the complexities of relationships, particularly those involving power dynamics.

Bel Powley delivers a standout performance as Minnie, capturing the character’s vulnerabilities and confusion as she navigates her way through adolescence. Alexander Skarsgård is also excellent as Monroe, a charismatic but deeply flawed character. Kristen Wiig provides strong support as Minnie’s troubled and neglectful mother.

The direction and cinematography by Marielle Heller are noteworthy, capturing the spirit of San Francisco in the 1970s and creating an immersive world for the characters to inhabit. The use of animation and voice-over narration by Minnie adds a unique and creative element to the film, emphasizing the character’s artistic talents and inner world.

Overall, “The Diary of a Teenage Girl” is a powerful and thought-provoking film that tackles complex and sensitive themes with honesty and depth. It is not an easy watch, but it is an important one, particularly for anyone interested in coming-of-age stories and the complexities of adolescent sexuality.

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Director: Marielle Heller
Actor: Abby Wait,Alexander Skarsgård,Alexas Medina,Annie Lore,Anthony Williams,Austin Lyon,Bel Powley,Biff O'Hara,Bob Scott,Carole Morey,Carson Mell,Charles Lewis III,Christopher Meloni,David Fine,David M. Stewart,Davy Clements,Derek Stefan,Douglas Gawoski,Drew Benda,Emily Marie Grant,Erik C. Parker,Etienne Vick,George W. Leonard,Giovanni Miller,Hangwei Ou,John Lobato,John Parsons,Jon Freeman,Josh Kornbluth,Joshua Grannell,Katy Tiemann,Kim Lefebvre,Kristen Wiig,Lance Hill,Laura Kennon,Laurel Steir,Liz Imperio,Madeleine Waters,Mahal Montoya,Malachi Maynard,Margarita Levieva,Mark Lavell,Mary Lu Marr,Mel Powell,Mike Whitaker,Miranda Bailey,Molly Shaiken,Natalie Stephany Aguilar,Nate Heller,Neil O'Neill,Nina Vick,Patrick Darrow,Patrick Engler,Persephone Gloeckner-Suits,Quinn Nagle,Robert Cure,Samantha Hyde,Steven Wiig,Susannah Rogers,Tuesday Thomas,Tye Olson,Vanessa Ross,Willie,Yvonne Zarathustra