The Gold Rush 1925
Title: The Gold Rush
Release year: 1925
Country: United States

A prospector goes to the Klondike during the 1890s gold rush in hopes of making his fortune, and is smitten with a girl he sees in a dance hall.

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Rated 4 out of 5
4 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good100%

General information

Rated 4 out of 5

The film is a comedy-drama that follows the adventures of a prospector during the Klondike Gold Rush of the late 1800s.

In the film, Chaplin’s character, known as “The Lone Prospector,” heads to Alaska in search of gold and has a number of misadventures along the way. He meets a fellow prospector named Big Jim McKay, played by Mack Swain, and the two become friends. The film also features Georgia Hale as a dance hall girl whom The Lone Prospector falls in love with.

“The Gold Rush” is widely regarded as one of Chaplin’s greatest films and is often cited as a classic of the silent film era. It has been re-released several times with new musical scores and has influenced countless films and filmmakers since its initial release.

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Director: Charles Chaplin
Actor: A.J. O'Connor,Aaron Edward,Ah Yot,Al Ernest Garcia,Albert Austin,Armand Triller,Art Price,Art Walker,Barbara Pierce,Ben Hart,Bess Wade,Betty Morrissey,Betty Pierce,Bob Kelly,C.B. Steele,C.F. Roark,Carl Jensen,Cecile Cameron,Charles Chaplin,Charles Force,Chris-Pin Martin,Claude Anderson,Clyde McAtee,Dave Wright,Dolores Mendes,Donnabelle Ouster,Dorothy Crane,E. Blumenthal,E. Espinosa,E.M. Robb,Ed Wilson,Ed Zimmer,Edna Rowe,Elias Lazaroff,F.F. Guenste,F.J. Beuaregard,Florence Murth,Francis Bernhardt,Francis Lowell,Frank Aderias,Frank Rice,Frank Stockdale,Fred Karno Jr.,Freddie Lansit,George Brock,George Holt,George Lesley,George Neely,George Young,Georgia Hale,Geraldine Leslie,Gladys Johnston,Gypsy Hart,H. Wolfinger,H.C. Chisholm,H.C. Oliver,Harry Arras,Harry Coleman,Harry De More,Harry Jones,Heinie Conklin,Helen Hayward,Helen Kassler,Henry Bergman,Inez Gomez,J.C. Fowler,J.J. Smith,Jack Adams,Jack Herrick,Jack Hoefer,Jack Phillips,Jack Vedders,James Darby,James Hammer,Jane Sherman,Jean Huntley,Jimmy Dime,Joan Lowell,Joe Smith,John Brown,John Eagown,John King,John McGrath,John Millerta,John Rand,John Tully,John Wallace,Josie Howard,Kay Deslys,Larry Steers,Leland Carr,Leon Farey,Leona Aderias,Lillian Adrian,Lillian McMurray,Lillian Reschm,Lillian Rosine,Lita Grey,M. Farrell,Mack Swain,Malcolm Waite,Margarita Martín,Marie Muggley,Marie Willis,Marta Belfort,Mary Williams,Mildred Hall,Mr. Myers,Nellie Noxon,Neola May,Nina Trask,P. Nagle,Pete Brogan,Pop Taylor,R. Campbell,R. Hausner,Ray Grey,Ray Morris,Rebecca Conroy,Richard Foley,Ruth Milo,Sam Allen,Sharkey Weimar,Sid Grauman,Steve Murphy,Tiny Sandford,Tom Hawley,Tom Hutchinson,Tom Murray,Tom Wood,W.S. Dobson,White Cloud,William Bell,William Bradford,William Butler,William Hackett,William Parmalee