The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 2014
Title: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1
Release year: 2014

Katniss Everdeen is in District 13 after she shatters the games forever. Under the leadership of President Coin and the advice of her trusted friends, Katniss spreads her wings as she fights to save Peeta and a nation moved by her courage.

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Rated 3 out of 5
3 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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General information

Rated 3 out of 5

“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1” is a 2014 movie directed by Francis Lawrence and starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth. It is the third installment in “The Hunger Games” film series and is based on the novel “Mockingjay” by Suzanne Collins.

The movie follows the story of Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), who becomes the reluctant symbol of a mass rebellion against the Capitol after surviving two Hunger Games. As the rebellion grows in strength, Katniss is recruited to be the face of the movement by President Alma Coin (Julianne Moore) and her propaganda team. Katniss agrees to take on the role, but she soon realizes that the stakes are higher than she ever imagined.

As the rebellion reaches a critical point, Katniss and her team of rebels, including her close friend Gale (Liam Hemsworth), her mentor Haymitch (Woody Harrelson), and her former mentor Plutarch (Philip Seymour Hoffman), must navigate the dangers of the battlefield and the political games being played by their leaders. Along the way, Katniss must also grapple with her feelings for Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), who has been captured by the Capitol and is being used as a pawn in their propaganda war.

“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1” sets the stage for the final showdown between the rebels and the Capitol in the subsequent movie, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2.” The film received generally positive reviews from critics and was a commercial success, grossing over $750 million worldwide.

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Director: Francis Lawrence
Actor: A. Michelle Harleston,A.J. Sexton,Aaron Taylor Morrow,Andrew S. McMillan,Angel Giuffria,Anna Stevenson,Anthony B. Harris,Anthony R. McClara,Apollo Bacala,Ashton Lee Woolen,Bailee Watters,Bill Bennett,Brayden Patterson,Breann Couch,Caitlin Fowler,Cameron James Khan,Charles Kronmuller,Charles Tyler West,Charles White Jr.,Christopher Lee Lopez,Clay Jeffries,Curtis Gordon,Dana Langshaw,Daniela Gaskie,Danny M. Gray,David Soulen,Diane Dehn,Donald Sutherland,Donna Biscoe,Ej Peterson,Elden Henson,Elizabeth Banks,Emma Elle Roberts,Erika Bierman,Evan Ross,Gilbert Stark,Gina Santiago,Giovanni Rodriguez,Greg Crews,Gregory Fears,Hart Morse,Henry Tisdale,Herbert McQueen,Hrvoje Klecz,Ian J. Cunningham,Jacklyn Edney,Jackson Mizell,Jada Alexandria Taylor,Jasmine Ahnie,Jasmine Lowe,Jasmine Spivey,Jason Lee Erickson,Jeff Glover,Jeffrey Wright,Jena Malone,Jenique Bennett,Jennifer Cocker,Jennifer Lawrence,Jesse Kindred,Jessica Yoshimura,Jim Templar,Jimmy Vandegrift,Joe Crosson,John Fleischmann,Jordan Woods-Robinson,Jordanne Calvin,Josh Hutcherson,Josh Tippey,Joshua Allen,Julianne Moore,Justin East,Kaitlin Borst,Kate Sheffield,Kathy Walton,Katie Del Rocco,Kenneth Manos,Kirk Crenshaw,Lauren Henneberg,Levi Krevinghaus,Lew Herman,Liam Hemsworth,Linda-Jade Hawkins,Mackenzie Martinez,Mahershala Ali,Marcy Conway,Marshall Choka,Michael Garza,Michael Konanec,Milena Bolouri,Nancy Sandlin,Natalie Dormer,Nicholas Pryor,Patina Miller,Paula Malcomson,Philip Seymour Hoffman,Rachel Sargeant,Rachel Thompson,Robert Hatch,Robert Knepper,Robert Peoples,Ron Stafford,Rory Healy,Roy Hawkins Jr.,Rus Blackwell,Ryan DeLaney,Sam Claflin,Sarah Turner Holland,Sarita Choudhury,Scott Oakley,Stanley Tucci,Stef Dawson,Stephen Mackenzie Brown,Stephen Vining,Stevie Ray Dallimore,Tayloe Hatch,Taylor Metcalf,Trinity Whiteside,Tyler Bilyeu,Tyler Lee Allen,Wes Chatham,William Frasca,William Willet,Willow Shields,Winn Brewer,Woody Harrelson