The Kentucky Fried Movie 1977
Title: The Kentucky Fried Movie
Release year: 1977
Country: United States
Genre: Comedy

A series of short, highly irreverent, and often tasteless skits.

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Rated 3 out of 5
3 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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General information

Rated 3 out of 5

“The Kentucky Fried Movie” is a satirical sketch comedy film that was released in 1977. Directed by John Landis and written by the comedy team of Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker (famously known as ZAZ), the movie is a collection of various unrelated skits, parodies, and fake commercials, all woven together with a loose narrative.

The film is known for its irreverent and often raunchy humor, pushing the boundaries of taste and political correctness. It takes aim at a wide range of subjects, including movies, television, commercials, and social issues, delivering a rapid-fire succession of gags and one-liners.

While “The Kentucky Fried Movie” does not have a cohesive plot, it maintains a consistent tone of absurdity and silliness throughout. The sketches range from a spoof of Bruce Lee films, called “A Fistful of Yen,” to a parody of educational films, titled “Catholic High School Girls in Trouble.” Other notable segments include a courtroom drama featuring Ronald Reagan and an advertisement for a “Feel-O-Rama” theater experience.

The film’s low-budget production values are evident, but they add to its charm and help create a deliberately cheesy aesthetic. The performances are often over-the-top, which suits the comedic style of the movie. “The Kentucky Fried Movie” features several recognizable faces, including Bill Bixby, Evan C. Kim, and George Lazenby.

Opinions on “The Kentucky Fried Movie” are divided. Some viewers appreciate its irreverent humor, rapid-fire style, and willingness to take risks. The film’s parodies and cultural references from the 1970s add to its nostalgic appeal for certain audiences. However, others may find the humor dated, offensive, or simply not to their taste.

Overall, “The Kentucky Fried Movie” is a cult classic that holds a special place in the history of comedy. It paved the way for the success of the Zucker brothers’ later films, such as “Airplane!” and “The Naked Gun” series. If you enjoy irreverent and sometimes outrageous sketch comedy, “The Kentucky Fried Movie” might be worth checking out. Just be aware that its humor can be quite risqué and may not appeal to everyone.

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Director: John Landis
Actor: Agneta Eckemyr,Alan Kim,Alberto Isaac,Alejandro Cruz,Anne Crawford,Armand Cerami,Armando Solano,Arnold Weiss,Arnold Wong,Arthur Song,Arthur Villegas,Arturo Ruezga,Barry Dennen,Benjamin Figueroa,Betsy Genson,Bill Bixby,Bill Breslau,Bob Harland,Bob Holt,Bob Liddle,Bong Soo Han,Boni Enten,Brady Rubin,Branscombe Richmond,Bruce Bonnheim,Carlos D. Flores,Carlos Mancilla,Carlos Yoshimura,Carmelo Aguilar,Cea Mario,Charles Dougherty,Charlotte Zucker,Chea Leng,Chong Lee,Chris Abbott,Christopher Hanks,Chun Sil Oh,Colin Male,Daniel Bustos,Danny P. Bruz,David Clover,David Garcia,David Wang,David Zucker,Dena Boehms,Derek Murcott,Dick Yarmy,Donald Sutherland,Dong Lim,Dovie Beams,Dulcie Jordan,Duong Kang Chhoun,Ear Heng,Ed Griffith,Edwin Seas,Eileen Lum,Ellen Regan,Eloise Hardt,Emmanuel Amit,Eric Micklewood,Evan C. Kim,Evelyn Louato,Felix Silla,Fernando Tajan,Forrest J. Ackerman,Francie Shagin,Galo Naranjo Jr.,Gary Gayle,Gary Ng,George Cheung,George Lazenby,Gerardo Valadez,Germin Pasos,Giang Liet Hong,Gilbert Solorzano,Gino Cerda,Gracia Lee,Gus Ochoa,Gwen Van Dam,Hear Chiev Meng,Hee Ill Choi,Henry Gibson,Henry Huerta,Hidetoshi Viscaino,Hong Kong Vin,Hou Lydara Pong,Howard Nemo,Ingrid Wang,Jack Baker,Jack Roberts,Jackie Kaufman,Jamien Wong,Janice Kent,Jeff Maxwell,Jerry Zucker,Jesse Emmett,Jesus R. Avila,Jesus Rone,Jim Abrahams,Joe Flores,Joel Lengson,John Cassisi,John Landis,John Leoning,Johnny Vanek,Jojie M. Lengsomin,Jose Mendez,Jose Sierra,Jose Sotela,Joseph G. Medalis,Julia Embree,Julio Martinez,Kan Chhaing Sear,Katherine Wooten,Kieng Huor,Kim Huy Song,Kim Lee,Kim Weiskopf,Lam Sin Sok,Lance LeGault,Larry Curran,Larry Mireles,Lee Ngo,Lenka Novak,Leonny Martorada,Linda Inglstad,Mallory Sandler,Manny Perry,Manuel S. Diaz,Manuel Solorzano,Marcus K. Mukai,Marcy Goldman,Maria Adams,Marilyn Joi,Mario Llamas,Mario Mitchell,Mark L. Levine,Martin Delgadillo,Marvin Castellon,Mary Harland,Meng Lee Lam,Michael Alaimo,Michael Gradney,Michael Harland,Michael Kearns,Michael Laurence,Michael McManus,Mickey Naranjo,Mike Brown,Mike Dallbert,Mike Goto,Mike Hanks,Mike Wan,Nancy Mann,Nancy Steen,Nathan Jung,Neil Thompson,Newell Alexander,Ngo Eng Kuong,Ngo Ooy,Ngo Tap,Ngo Uykok,Ngo You Song,Norman Tse,Oanh Samora,Olih Osias,Orville Echeverria,Oscar Quesada,Oscar Trana,Patrick Strong,Paul Basta,Paul Cardenas,Paul Iwasaki,Peggy Doyle,Peter Vodegel,Phillip Rhee,Phuoe Tinh Hua,Poch Meng,Pugil Kwon,Pung Trang Laen,Randy Echeverria,Randy Wei,Reuben Soto,Ricardo Siciliano,Richard Barrett,Richard Felix,Richard Gates,Richard R. Gutierrez,Rick Baker,Robert K. Weiss,Robert Starr,Roberta Kent,Roland Sanchez,Rollin Moriyama,Ron Gans,Ron Russ,Ross Durfee,Ruben Sierra,Ruben Sota,Rudy Chavez,Rudy Macias,Rudy Ramirez,Saul Kahan,Say Bun Ling,Shadoe Stevens,Sharon Kaough,Sheila Rogers,Sheila Tan,Shirley Levine,Simon Rhee,Stephen Bishop,Stephen Stucker,Steve Lee,Susan Breslau,Tad Horino,Tang Kheang,Tara Strohmeier,Tempa Galstan,Terry Gradney,Tina Louise,To Lip Meng,To Lip Nguong,Tony Dow,Tony Gaznick,Tony Larios,Tony Montanex,Tony Testero,Tracy Landis,Traleng En,Tran Chau Duc,Uschi Digard,Victoria Carroll,Vladimir Verceles,Wayne Walls,Wesley D. Stoltz,William B. Kaplan,William Tregoe,Won Seo,Young Hwang,Zetulio Jimenez