The Last Duel 2021
Title: The Last Duel
Release year: 2021

King Charles VI declares that Knight Jean de Carrouges settle his dispute with his squire by challenging him to a duel.

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Director: Ridley Scott
Actor: Adam Driver,Adam Goodwin,Adam Nagaitis,Alex Blanchard,Alex Lawther,Alexander Pattie,Aurélien Lorgnier,Ben Affleck,Bosco Hogan,Brian F. Mulvey,Brian Manning,Brontis Jodorowsky,Bryony Hannah,Camille Mutin,Caoimhe O'Malley,Cecilia Steiner,Charlotte Carway,Chloe Harris,Chloé Lindau,Christian Erickson,Clare Dunne,Clive Russell,Colin David Reese,Daniel Horn,Dimitri Michelsen,Elise Caprice,Fiona Maherault Valinski,Florian Hutter,Gabriel Youngs,Gin Minelli,Harriet Walter,Ian Pirie,Janet Grene,Jérome Verney,Jim Roche,Jodie Comer,John Kavanagh,Julian Firth,Karl Hogan,Kevin McGahern,Kyle English,Kyle Hixon,Lorris Chevalier,Mark Atkin,Martin Gogarty,Martin Vaughan Lewis,Marton Csokas,Matt Damon,Michael McElhatton,Nathaniel Parker,Oliver Cotton,Paul Bandey,Peter Hudson,Peter Kirkby,Quentin Ogier,Ronan Leonard,Sam Chemoul,Sam Hazeldine,Serena Kennedy,Shane Lynch,Simone Collins,Stephen Brennan,Sylvain Lablée,Tallulah Haddon,Tassia Martin,Thomas Silberstein,Tom Leavey,Tyrone Kearns,William Houston,Zeljko Ivanek,Zoé Bruneau