The Other Side of the Wind 2018
Title: The Other Side of the Wind
Release year: 2018
Genre: Drama

At a media-swamped party to celebrate his 70th birthday and screen his avant-garde film-in-progress, a legendary but jaded Hollywood director is faced both with voracious fans and unsettling questions about what became of his lead actor.

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Rated 3 out of 5
3 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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General information

Rated 3 out of 5

“The Other Side of the Wind” is a posthumous film by the legendary filmmaker Orson Welles, which was released in 2018, more than three decades after Welles’ death. The film tells the story of an aging director, Jake Hannaford, who is struggling to complete his final film, also titled “The Other Side of the Wind.”

The movie is a fascinating and complex exploration of the nature of filmmaking and the creative process, with Welles’ trademark blend of humor, drama, and experimental filmmaking techniques. The film features a stellar cast, including John Huston as Jake Hannaford, and Oja Kodar as his lover and leading lady.

The editing and cinematography of the film are masterful, with the use of multiple camera angles, different film stocks, and editing styles, creating a sense of chaos and confusion that mirrors the turbulent life of its protagonist. The film also features a mockumentary-style narration, which provides commentary on the filmmaking industry and its place in society.

While “The Other Side of the Wind” is undoubtedly a challenging and complex film, it is also a deeply rewarding and insightful exploration of the creative process and the human condition. Despite its unconventional narrative structure and experimental techniques, it remains a must-see for anyone interested in the art of filmmaking or the legacy of one of the greatest directors of all time.

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Director: Orson Welles
Actor: Alan Grossman,Allen G. Norman,Angelo Rossitto,Anna Thea Bogdanovich,Avril Thorne,Benny Rubin,Bill Weaver,Cameron Crowe,Cameron Mitchell,Cassie Yates,Cathy Lucas,Claude Chabrol,Clive Miller,Curtis Harrington,Cybill Shepherd,Dan Tobin,David F. Pruett,Dennis Hopper,Edmond O'Brien,Eric Sherman,Felipe Herba,Frank Fiore,Frank Marshall,Gary Graver,Gene Clark,Geoffrey Land,George Jessel,Glenn Jacobson,Gregory Sierra,Henry Jaglom,Jack Boyce,James Ragan,Jean Jandel Pruett,John Carroll,John Huston,Joseph McBride,June A. Flora,Kathy Harris,Kevin Cloud Brechner,Larry Jackson,Lawrence Lasker,Leslie Moonves,Lillah Michaeltorena,Lilli Palmer,Louis Race,Manfred Moeller,Mark Turnbull,Markene Kruse Smith,Mercedes McCambridge,Michael Ferris,Michel Duchaussoy,Norman Foster,Oja Kodar,Pat McMahon,Paul Hunt,Paul Mazursky,Paul Stewart,Peter Bogdanovich,Peter Jason,Rich Little,Richard Waltzer,Richard Wilson,Robert Aiken,Robert Random,Ron Charles,Sally Bernstein,Shaun Moeller,Stafford Repp,Stéphane Audran,Susan Strasberg,Ted Culver,Teresa Nersesyan,Todd McCarthy,Tonio Selwart,Wayne Voss,William Essary,William Katt