The Pianist 2002
Title: The Pianist
Release year: 2002

A Polish Jewish musician struggles to survive the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto of World War II.

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Rated 4 out of 5
4 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good100%

General information

Rated 4 out of 5

“The Pianist” is a 2002 biographical war drama film directed by Roman Polanski and based on the memoir of the same name by Władysław Szpilman. The film stars Adrien Brody as Szpilman, a Polish-Jewish pianist who survives the Holocaust in Warsaw during World War II.

The film depicts the harrowing experiences of Szpilman as he tries to survive in the Warsaw Ghetto, where he witnesses the atrocities committed by the Nazis against the Jewish population. After the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Szpilman is forced into hiding, living in various locations throughout the city, including in the ruins of bombed-out buildings.

Throughout the film, Szpilman’s love for music and his talent as a pianist are integral to his survival, as they help him connect with non-Jewish individuals who provide him with shelter and support. The film culminates with Szpilman’s liberation by the Red Army and his eventual return to playing the piano publicly.

“The Pianist” received widespread critical acclaim and won numerous awards, including three Academy Awards, including Best Director for Polanski and Best Actor for Brody. The film is considered a powerful portrayal of the horrors of the Holocaust and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity.

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Director: Roman Polanski
Actor: Adam Bauman,Adam Malecki,Adrian Hood,Adrien Brody,Aleksandra Nizynska,Andrew Tiernan,Andrzej Blumenfeld,Andrzej Pieczynski,Andrzej Szenajch,Andrzej Walden,Andrzej Zielinski,Anna Gryszka,Anthony Milner,Arnold Montey,Axel Prahl,Ben Harlan,Borys Szyc,Cezary Kosinski,Christoph Pieczynski,Cyril Shaps,Dagmara Sieminska,Daniel Caltagirone,Darian Wawer,Dawid Szurmiej,Detlev von Wangenheim,Dmitri Leshchenko,Dorota Liliental,Ed Stoppard,Emilia Fox,Emilio Fernandez,Etl Szyc,Frank Finlay,Frank-Michael Köbe,Grzegorz Artman,Ireneusz Machnicki,Izabella Szolc,Jacek Wolszczak,Jaroslaw Kopaczewski,Jerzy Góralczyk,Jessica Kate Meyer,Joachim Paul Assböck,Joanna Brodzik,John Bennett,John Keogh,Julia Rayner,Katarzyna Bargielowska,Katarzyna Figura,Katrin Butt,Lech Mackiewicz,Lejb Fogelman,Lucy Skeaping,Maciej Kowalewski,Maciej Winkler,Maja Ostaszewska,Malgorzata Trybalska,Marian Dziedziel,Maureen Lipman,Maurycy Zylber,Michal Zebrowski,Morgane Polanski,Nina Franoszek,Nomi Sharron,Norbert Rakowski,Patrick Lanagan,Paul Bradley,Pawel Burczyk,Pawel Malaszynski,Pawel Zdun,Peter Rappenglück,Piotr Siejka,Popeck,Rafal Dajbor,Rafal Mohr,Richard Ridings,Roddy Skeaping,Roman Garbowski,Ronan Vibert,Roy Smiles,Ruth Platt,Ryszard Kluge,Tadeusz Wojtych,Thomas Kretschmann,Thomas Lawinky,Tom Strauss,Tomasz Ciszewski,Tomasz Tyndyk,Torsten Flach,Udo Kroschwald,Uwe Rathsam,Valentine Pelka,Viola Szen,Wanja Mues,Wojciech Smolarz,Xawery Zylber,Zbigniew Dziduch,Zbigniew Walerys,Zbigniew Zamachowski,Zofia Czerwinska