The Return of Superfly 1990
Title: The Return of Superfly
Release year: 1990
Country: United States
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

In this action-packed sequel, a retired drug dealer living in Paris discovers his old partner has been killed and returns to NY to avenge his murder.

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Rated 2 out of 5
2 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good0%

General information

Rated 2 out of 5

“The Return of Superfly” is a 1990 crime film and a sequel to the 1972 blaxploitation classic “Super Fly.” Directed by Sig Shore, the movie attempts to revive the essence of the original while incorporating elements of the contemporary hip-hop culture of the early 1990s. Although it features a charismatic lead actor and some notable moments, the film falls short of capturing the gritty allure and social commentary that made its predecessor a cult favorite.

The story follows Priest (Nathan Purdee), a former cocaine dealer who returns to the drug trade after a long hiatus. He aims to reclaim his status as the ultimate kingpin, navigating a treacherous world of crime lords and corrupt police officers. However, as Priest delves deeper into the criminal underworld, he finds himself entangled in a web of betrayal and violence.

While the premise sounds promising, “The Return of Superfly” struggles to recapture the essence of the original film. One of the significant shortcomings lies in the direction and pacing. Sig Shore fails to infuse the movie with the same raw energy and stylish flair that defined its predecessor. The pacing feels uneven at times, with certain scenes dragging on while others lack the necessary development.

Nathan Purdee steps into the iconic role of Priest, originally played by Ron O’Neal, with mixed results. While he brings a certain level of charm and confidence to the character, his performance lacks the charisma and depth that made O’Neal’s portrayal so memorable. The supporting cast, including Margaret Avery and Christopher Curry, delivers competent performances, but they are given limited material to work with.

One of the film’s strengths is its soundtrack, which features contributions from notable hip-hop artists of the era, including Curtis Mayfield, M.C. Hammer, and Big Daddy Kane. The music adds some much-needed energy to the film and enhances certain scenes, providing a glimpse into the vibrant musical landscape of the early ’90s.

Unfortunately, the film’s attempt to blend the blaxploitation genre with the emerging hip-hop culture feels forced and lacking in authenticity. The social commentary that was a hallmark of the original film is watered down and fails to leave a lasting impact. The script lacks the sharpness and depth needed to tackle the complex issues surrounding drugs and the African American experience, reducing the film to a superficial imitation of its predecessor.

In conclusion, “The Return of Superfly” is a lackluster sequel that fails to capture the essence of the original film. Despite a few noteworthy moments and a strong soundtrack, the movie suffers from weak direction, pacing issues, and a lack of compelling social commentary. While it may hold some interest for fans of the blaxploitation genre or those curious about the early ’90s hip-hop culture, it ultimately falls short of living up to its predecessor’s legacy.

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Director: Sig Shore
Actor: Angel Ramirez Jr.,Antone Pagán,Arnie Mazer,Bill Corsair,Carl Saluzzi,Carlos Carrasco,Charles Padem,Christopher Curry,David E. Weinberg,David Groh,Deborah Woods,Douglas Wade,Eric Griffin,Eric Payne,Gerald M. Kline,Grafton Trew,Greg Huge,H. Clay Dear,H. Michael Scott,Hollis Granville,Jack Lotz,Joe Spataro,John Canada Terrell,John Gabriel,John Hayden,Juanita Fleming,Ken Threet,Kevin Rock,Kirk Taylor,Leonard L. Thomas,Lisa Andoh,Luis Antonio Ramos,Marc Webster,Margaret Avery,Marie O'Malley,Maxine Harrison,Merrault Almoner,Michael Moore,Miles Watson,Nathan Purdee,Niko El Santo Zavero,O.L. Duke,Oscar A. Colon,Patrice Ablack,Randy Frazier,Ronald Rand,Rony Clanton,Ruthanna Graves,Rynel Johnson,Samuel L. Jackson,Sixto Sanchez,Sonya Hensley,Stanley Mathis,Steven Chester Prince,Susan Olen,Tico Wells,Timothy Stickney,Tone Loc,Toni Ann Johnson,Tye Pierson,Yolanda Snowball