The Wizard of Oz 1939
Title: The Wizard of Oz
Release year: 1939
Country: United States

Young Dorothy Gale and her dog Toto are swept away by a tornado from their Kansas farm to the magical Land of Oz, and embark on a quest with three new friends to see the Wizard, who can return her to her home and fulfill the others’ wishes.

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Rated 4 out of 5
4 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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General information

Rated 4 out of 5

“The Wizard of Oz” is a classic movie that was released in 1939 and has since become a beloved favorite of generations. Directed by Victor Fleming and starring Judy Garland as Dorothy, the film tells the story of a young girl who is swept away by a tornado to a magical land called Oz, where she embarks on a journey to find a way back home.

One of the most impressive aspects of this movie is its use of vibrant colors and stunning visuals. From the moment Dorothy steps into Oz, viewers are transported to a fantastical world filled with yellow brick roads, talking scarecrows, and flying monkeys. The film’s use of special effects was groundbreaking for its time, and it still holds up as visually stunning today.

The film’s cast also deserves praise for their performances. Judy Garland shines as Dorothy, bringing a sense of innocence and wonder to the character. The three companions she meets on her journey, the Scarecrow (Ray Bolger), the Tin Man (Jack Haley), and the Cowardly Lion (Bert Lahr), are equally memorable and endearing in their own ways.

Of course, no review of “The Wizard of Oz” would be complete without mentioning its iconic songs. “Over the Rainbow,” sung by Garland, is one of the most recognizable and beloved songs in movie history, and the other musical numbers, including “If I Only Had a Brain” and “We’re Off to See the Wizard,” are equally memorable.

Overall, “The Wizard of Oz” is a timeless classic that has enchanted audiences for generations. Its stunning visuals, memorable characters, and unforgettable music have cemented it as one of the greatest films of all time.

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Director: Victor Fleming,George Cukor,Mervyn LeRoy
Actor: Abe Dinovitch,Adriana Caselotti,Alta Stevens,Ambrose Schindler,Amelia Batchelor,Angelo Rossitto,Ardith Dondanville,August Clarence Swenson,Bert Lahr,Betty Ann Bruno,Betty Ann Cain,Betty Tanner,Billie Burke,Billy Bletcher,Billy Curtis,Bud Linn,Buddy Ebsen,Buster Brodie,Candy Candido,Charles Becker,Charles Irwin,Charley Grapewin,Christine Buresh,Clara Blandick,Daisy Earles,Dolly Kramer,Dona Massin,Dorothy Barrett,Eddie Buresh,Elaine Merk,Eleanor Keaton,Elizabeth Stevens,Elvida Rizzo,Emil Kranzler,Ethel W. Denis,Ethelreda Leopold,Fern Formica,Frank Cucksey,Frank Morgan,Franz Balluck,Freda Betsky,Freddie Retter,Garland Slatten,George Ministeri,George Noisom,Gladys V. Wolff,Gracie Doll,Gus Wayne,Harry Cogg,Harry Earles,Harry Monty,Harry Wilson,Hazel Resmondo,Helen Seamon,Jack Haley,Jack Paul,Jackie Gerlich,James R. Hulse,Jeane La Barbera,Jerry Maren,Jimmy the Crow,Joan Kenmore,Johnny Leal,Johnny Winters,Jon Dodson,Josefine Balluck,Joseph Herbst,Judy Garland,Karl 'Karchy' Kosiczky,Katharine Snell,Ken Darby,Lee Murray,Lewis Croft,Lida Buresh,'Little Billy' Rhodes,Lois January,Lorraine Bridges,Margaret Hamilton,Margaret Pellegrini,Marie Winters,Meinhardt Raabe,Mickey Carroll,Mitchell Lewis,Murray Wood,Nicholas Page,Nita Krebs,Nona Cooper,Olga Nardone,Oliver Smith,Parnell St. Aubin,Pat Walshe,Paul Rodriguez,Phil Harron,Pinto Colvig,Prince Denis,Priscilla Montgomery,Rad Robinson,Rae-Nell Laskey,Ralph Sudam,Ray Bolger,Robert St. Angelo,Rolfe Sedan,Ruth Duccini,Ruth Smith,Shep Houghton,Sid Dawson,Sig Frohlich,Terry,The King's Men,The Rhythmettes,The Singer Midgets,Tiny Doll,Tommy Cottonaro,Tyler Brooke,Valerie Lee,Victor Wetter,William H. O'Docharty,Yvonne Moray