Thor: Love and Thunder 2022
Title: Thor: Love and Thunder
Release year: 2022

Thor enlists the help of Valkyrie, Korg and ex-girlfriend Jane Foster to fight Gorr the God Butcher, who intends to make the gods extinct.

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Director: Taika Waititi
Actor: Adam Todd,Aiden Mckenzie,Akosia Sabet,Alan Dukes,Alan Spies,Alan Tsibulya,Alanis Long Borrello,Aleph Millepied,Alicia White,Amalia Millepied,Andrew Crawford,Andrew Goodman,Ann Earle,Anthony Hopkins,Ari Tam,Arias Vang,Arka Das,Aston Crabtree,Ava Caryofyllis,Ava Rodrigo-Porter,Ben Falcone,Ben Sinclair,Bo Chambers,Bobby Holland Hanton,Bobby Winch,Bradley Cooper,Brett Goldstein,Briegh Winderbaum,Briellyn Pearson,Bronwyn Akhurst,Brooke Satchwell,Buffy Anne Littaua,Cameron Chapek,Carly Rees,Carmen Foon,Casey Cooper,Cayla Sutherland,Chanique Greyling,Chayla Korewha,Chipo Riva,Chloe Candarakis,Chloé Gouneau,Chong Wei Zhang,Chris Hemsworth,Chris Matheson,Chris Pratt,Chris Stanley,Christian Bale,Clariza Vicente,Cody Riley,Corban Ierano,Craig Walker,Daley Pearson,Darvin Dela Cruz,Dave Bautista,Dave Cory,David Hambly,David Paulsen,Denise Davidson,Dianne Close,Donna Delaney,Eliza Matengu,Elsa Pataky,Elsa Rodrigo-Porter,Emily Teede,Emma Suringa,Emmeline Luka Bale,Eric Presnall,Evan Stanhope,Finian Casey,Fletcher Kennedy,Gabriel Siemer,Garth Wood,Gemma Dart,Gemma Russell,Greg Mitchell,Hannah Gray,Hunter Stratton Boland,Idris Elba,Imaan Hadchiti,Imi Mbedla,Indeia Booc,India Rose Hemsworth,Indiana Evans,Indiana Ierano,Isabella Colusso,Izaac Winderbaum,Jack Newell,Jacob Yee,Jacqueline Murray,Jaimee Rose Lynn,Jaimie Alexander,Jake Bennett,Jane Kim,Janessa Dufty,Jason Jago,Jason Steward,Jenna Owen,Jenny Morris,Jessica May Lynne,John Puckeridge-Webb,Johnny Nasser,Jonny Brugh,Jordan Bissaker,Joseph Bale,Joseph Cochbain,Josephine Croft,Josh Brolin,Josh Heuston,Jude Hyland,Justin Paul Hitchcock,Kaan Guldur,Karen Gillan,Kat Dennings,Kate Angus,Kelli Bailey,Kieron L. Dyer,Kim Doan,Kuni Hashimoto,Larissa Costa,Leeton Alan Ingrey,Luc Barrett,Luca Darda,Luisa Mariano,Luke Hemsworth,Manny Spero,Marcia Coronado,Mark Casimir Dyniewicz Jr.,Martin Cohen,Matatia Foa'i,Matewa Kiritapu Waititi,Matt Damon,Matt de Souza,Mayzie Winderbaum,Melissa McCarthy,Michael M. Foster,Michael Matthews,Molly Moriarty,Nana Miya,Natalie Portman,Natasha Cheng,Nazih Kheir,Nicholas Nisbet,Nico Cortez,Nicole I. Butler,Nicole Milinkovic,Nicole Verhoeven,Ning Cyrus,Olivia Vasquez,Paolo Guglielmini,Patrick Gamble,Patrick Hatfield,Paul Pedersen,Pom Klementieff,Priscilla Doueihy,Rachael White,Rachel Slack,Rafael Siemer,Ray Stevenson,Rene Russo,Richard Anastasios,Ricky Gamble,Riley McCarthy,Rob Flanagan,Ronin Fabi,Rosangela Fasano,Rosh Vee,Russell Crowe,Sabrina Paisley,Sam Neill,Samantha Allsop,Samson Alston,Sasha Hemsworth,Scott George,Sean Gunn,Sean Harnett,Septimus Caton,Shari Sebbens,Shayan Murray,Sienna Ngeru,Simon Russell Beale,Simona Paparelli,Simone Landers,Stellan Skarsgård,Stephanie Beck,Stephen Cather,Stephen Curry,Stephen Gouriet Ryan,Stephen Hunter,Suren Jayemanne,Tadanobu Asano,Taika Waititi,Tatyana Gillam,Taylor Apps,Te Kainga O'Te Hinekahu Waititi,Tess Malpas,Tessa Thompson,Timo Lorenzen,Tom Gay,Tom Hiddleston,Tristan Hemsworth,Tui Vincent,Vic Zerbst,Victoria Ferrara,Vin Diesel,Vivian Tung,Xander Mouradian,Xanthia Marinelli,Yure Covich,Zachary Levi,Zali Mae Harrison,Zia Kelly