War of the Worlds 2005
Title: War of the Worlds
Release year: 2005
Country: United States

An alien invasion threatens the future of humanity. The catastrophic nightmare is depicted through the eyes of one American family fighting for survival.

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Rated 3 out of 5
3 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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General information

Rated 3 out of 5

“War of the Worlds” is a science fiction movie directed by Steven Spielberg and released in 2005. The movie is based on the 1898 novel of the same name by H.G. Wells, which depicts an invasion of Earth by extraterrestrial beings.

The movie stars Tom Cruise as Ray Ferrier, a divorced father who is trying to reconnect with his children, Rachel and Robbie, played by Dakota Fanning and Justin Chatwin, respectively. As the family is spending time together, they witness the sudden arrival of massive tripod machines that begin attacking the city and killing people.

The story follows Ray’s struggle to protect his children and find a way to survive the invasion. Along the way, they encounter other survivors and witness the devastation caused by the aliens.

The movie was praised for its visual effects and intense action sequences, and it grossed over $591 million worldwide. However, it also received criticism for its portrayal of certain characters and its departure from the original source material.

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Director: Steven Spielberg
Actor: A.J. Presley,Aaron Dewitt,Adam Lazarre-White,Alan Gary,Alan Kemper Armani,Alim Kouliev,Amir Allak,Amy Hohn,Amy Ryan,Ana Maria Quintana,Angel Lebon,Angel Princess,Angie Jaree,Anivile Daniel,Ann Robinson,Anthony Jennings,April Crisafulli,Art Chudabala,Asha R. Nanavati,Athena Stamos,Becky Ann Baker,Ben Ciaramello,Bill Richards,Bocker T Labradoodle,Booker T. Washington,Bruce W. Derdoski Jr.,Camillia Monet,Cass Asher,Chad O. Allen,Channing Tatum,Charles 'Chaz' Galuski,Charlie Jung,Chris Todd,Christopher Evan Welch,Christopher Gilbertson,Christy Lee Hughes,Chuck Gerena,Claudia Barroso,Clay Bringhurst,Columbus Short,Cory Rodriguez,Crystal Dawne,Dakota Fanning,Dalon Huntington,Dan Ziskie,Daniel A. Jacobs,Daniel Eric Gold,Daniel Franzese,Dannielle Rose,Danny Hoch,Dave Harrington,David Alan Basche,David Blanc,David Campbell,David Conley,David Gere,David Harbour,Dempsey Pappion,Dendrie Taylor,Dustin Ardine,Dylan Alfonso,Ed Easterling,Ed Mantell,Ed Schiff,Ed Vassallo,Eduardo Alvear,Elizabeth Jayne Hong,Ellen Barry,Emily Nilsen,Eric Zuckerman,Erika LaVonn,Felix J. Boyle,Fred Ortiz,Freddie Johnson,Gene Barry,Geoffrey DeMarsh,George Fisher,Gerald Blakey,GoGo Toucette,Ingrid Johnson,J.J. Brewer,James Boss,James D. Faulkner,James DuMont,James Filanowski,Janis Jones,January LaVoy,Jeffrey Hutchinson,Jennie Pines,Jennifer Glasgow,Jerry Walsh,Jessica Anne Taylor,Jim Hanna,Joaquin Perez-Campbell,Joe Duffy,John Eddins,John Michael Bolger,John N. Morales,John Scurti,Johnny Kastl,Johnny Torres,Jorge-Luis Pallo,Josef Cannon,Joseph Benjamin Stewart,Joseph DeBona,Juan Carlos Hernández,Julia Yulia Maliauka,Julie White,Justin Chatwin,Kenneth Wright,Kent Faulcon,Kevin Collins,Kirsten Nelson,Kristen Haakerud,Kyle S. Brown,Laura Lyman,Lauri Johnson,Lenny Venito,Lisa Ann Walter,Lisa Sample,Lorelei Llee,Maggie Lacey,Marc A. Hutchins,Mariann Mayberry,Marianne Ebert,Mark Manley,Mark Valinsky,Marlon Young,Martin Dew,Matt DeWinkeleer,Megan Gamble,Melody Garrett,Michael Arthur,Michael Brownlee,Michael Kevin Walker,Michael Markiewicz,Michael Stanton,Michael Waldron,Michalina Scorzelli,Miguel Antonio Ferrer,Miho Nakamura,Mike Yedwab,Miranda Otto,Morgan Freeman,Nick Mastromarco,Nicole Signore,Omar Jermaine,Pamela Fischer,Patrick Tierney,Paul Bunnell,Peter Gerety,Phillip Gramm,Rachelle Roderick,Rafael Sardina,Rick Gonzalez,Ricky Luna,Riley G. Matthews Jr.,Robert Cicchini,Robert D'Asto,Robert DaGasta,Robert Feeley,Robert Mancino,Robert O'Connor,Robin Maxkii,Rochelle Warner,Roz Abrams,Scott Norris,Sean Marrinan,Shanna Collins,Sharrieff Pugh,Sherman T. Edwards Jr.,Slava Kirillov,Stacy Ann Wilkins,Stella Croxon,Stephen Gevedon,Suanne Spoke,Takako Haywood,Takayo Fischer,Tanda Kerín,Tasciotti,Terry Thomas,Terry Ward,Tim Robbins,Timothy Burd,Tom Cruise,Tom Faulkner,Tom Kenny,Tommy Guiffre,Tracy Howe,Tracy Lee Staton,Travis Aaron Wade,Ty Simpkins,Victor Magnusson,Vito D'Ambrosio,Vladislav Alex Kozlov,William G. Stowell,William Todd Levinson,Yul Vazquez,Zachary DeMarsh,Zoe Quist