Zübük 1980
Title: Zübük
Release year: 1980
Country: Turkey
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama

Zübük gets expelled from the political party that he is a member of, due to corruption. The journalist Yasar wants to make a news story about his case and investigates Zübük’s doings. Yasar gets baffled at the sly tricks Zübük played on his village people.

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Rated 4 out of 5
4 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good100%

General information

Rated 4 out of 5

“Zübük” is a Turkish comedy film released in 1980, directed by Kartal Tibet and written by Atıf Yılmaz and Aziz Nesin. The movie features Kemal Sunal in the lead role and has become a beloved classic in Turkish cinema.

In “Zübük,” Kemal Sunal portrays the titular character, Zübük, a cunning and opportunistic man residing in a small town. Zübük is renowned for his knack for manipulation and deception, always seeking ways to exploit others for personal gain. He constantly engages in various schemes and tricks to amass wealth, power, and romantic conquests.

The film serves as a satirical commentary on the social and political climate of 1980s Turkey. With humor and wit, it offers criticism of corruption, nepotism, and the abuse of power. Through comedy, “Zübük” highlights the flaws and absurdities of the society it portrays.

Kemal Sunal’s comedic prowess shines throughout “Zübük.” His performance as Zübük is characterized by clever wordplay, physical comedy, and exaggerated facial expressions, adding to the overall comedic appeal of the film. The supporting cast also delivers strong performances, further enriching the comedic essence of the story.

“Zübük” is celebrated for its memorable dialogues and iconic scenes, which have become embedded in Turkish cultural references. The film offers an entertaining and light-hearted experience, seamlessly blending comedy, satire, and social commentary.

Overall, “Zübük” is a timeless Turkish comedy film. With Kartal Tibet’s direction and the collaborative writing efforts of Atıf Yılmaz and Aziz Nesin, combined with Kemal Sunal’s comedic brilliance, it remains a cherished and widely-watched movie in Turkey. If you appreciate satirical comedies, “Zübük” is certainly a film worth experiencing.

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Director: Kartal Tibet
Actor: Ahmet Açan,Ali Demir,Ali Sen,Alpay Izer,Ayten Koçak,Bahri Ates,Bilge Zobu,Bülent Kayabas,Erdogan Seren,Hakki Kivanç,Hikmet Gül,Hüseyin Kasif,Hüseyin Kutman,Jale Efecik,Kadir Savun,Kazim Eryüksel,Kemal Sunal,Memduh Ün,Mesut Sürmeli,Metin Serezli,Mustafa Yavuz,Nejat Gürçen,Nevra Serezli,Nevzat Açikgöz,Nubar Terziyan,Osman Alyanak,Osman F. Seden,Reha Yurdakul,Resit Çildam,Semsi Inkaya,Seyfettin Karadayi,Yasar Sener,Zafer Par,Zeki Alpan,Zeki Tüney